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Publica tu server / Season14 ANTHARIAMU l 200 EXP l 50 Drop l Stable l Medium l
« Posteado: May 20, 2019, 01:04:09 PM »

Experience Normal: x200
Master exp: x50
Maxium level: 1100
Max option: +16
No Item shop on website!
Resets: 300
GrandResets: 5

we have a good ANTIHACK !
Spot Locations, press TAB to see on minimap
Party exp: Regular party 1-5 members 100% Exp! Set party: 3members: 115% Exp, 4 members: 120% Exp, 5 members: 125% Exp!
GrandReset Reward: each grand reset get reward !
Guild create lvl: 250, Min request for alliance 10 members, max alliances 3
All monsters starting from dungeon is boosted in damage, defense and hp,which means you will need at lest few resets or good party to conquer medium and top level maps. Maps like deep dungeon and swamp of darkness monsters has 5kk+ hp and does 10k+ damage!
So you will need few GR to be able to level up 3rd and 4th master skill tree!

Events Schedule/Plan:
Golden invasion: Every 4 hour
God Of Darkness: Every 2 hour
Nixies boss: Every 3h
Blood castle: 2x EXP, Every 2,5hours, Reward AA weapons, with 10% chance to get EXC and AA2lvl items!
Devil Square: 2x EXP, Every 2,5hours
Chaos Castle: Every 3hours
Silver/Golden boxes 10k/20k RUUD (drops from icarus to all maps)
Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins in game (enabled in loreoncia only)
Fast re-spawning bosses
2 Account on HWID

Reset system
1-3 reset you will need 250 level
4-9 reset you will need 300level
10-15 reset you will need 350level
16-20 reset you will need 375level
21+ reset you will need 400level

1-20 x 500 POINTS
21-50 x 400 POINTS
51-100 x 300 POINTS
101-200 x 200 POINTS
201-300 x 100 POINTS

Renewed Party and Guild matching systems
Party restore after reconnect support

All events from Season 0 to Season 14 are active.

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