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Publica tu server / Season15 MAZEMU Season15 - Grand Opening 21 February!
« on: February 13, 2020, 03:59:40 PM »

3.Facebook Page:
4.Unique Game Guide (Guides about gameplay):

Experience = [500x]
Points per Reset    = [400]
Reset Price = [7.000.000 zen * resets]
Reset Limit = [210]
Grand Reset Limit = [4]
Grand Reset Cost = [1.950.000.000 zen]
Additional Stats for Each Grand Reset [+4.000 Points]
Total Maximum Grand Resets = [4]
Total Maximum Points 210 resets + 4 gr = [100.000 Points]
Reward for each Grand Reset = [7.500 Wcoin]
3rd Master Experience = [150x]
4th Majestic Experience = [75x]

Combination Success Rate
Item Luck  = [+25%]
Items  = [+10, +11, +12   60%, 55%, 50%, + Luck]
Items  = [+13, +14, +15   45%, 40%, 35%, + Luck]
Wings Level 1 = [75% + Luck]
Wings Level 2 = [75%]
Wings Level 3 = [40%]
Wings Level 4 = ]40%]
Cape of Lord Mix = [MAX 90%]
Socket Weapon Mix = [40%]
Socket Weapon Req. Money = [50.000.000 zen]
Fragment of Horn Mix = [70%]
Broken Horn Mix = [50%]
Horn of Fenrir Mix = [30%]
Feather of Condor = [MAX 60%]

[Blood Castle]
[Devil Square]
[Red Dragon]
[Chaos Castle]
[Illusion Temple]
[Skeleton King]
[White Wizard]
[Conquest of the Cage]
[Loren Deep]
[Scramble Words]
[Multiply Exp Event]
[Medusa and Assistants]
[Gorgon Underworld]
[Undine Spirits]
[Gnome Diminutive]
[Zaikan Ghost]
[Hellraiser Ashgate]
[Normus Barbs]
[Salamanders amphibian(Nars)]
[Fearsome Balrog]
[Metal Balrog Invasion]
[Grinch Santa]
[Ice Queen Invasion]
[Doppelganger Event]
[Golden Invasion]
[Castle Siege]

/post [message] = Sends a message to the whole server
/gpost [message] = Sends a message to all Sub-Servers channels
/dcfriend = Allows to disconnect specified character, usage: /dcfriend player_name password
/clearinv = Allows to clear inventory from all items, keep equipped items, money and ruud
/cleareventinv = Allows to clear event inventory from all items
/offtrade = Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/prop = Allows to propose a marry to other player
/accept = Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command
/teleport = Teleports yourself to your marriage partner
/divorce = Allows to take divorce
/whisper [on/off] = Enable / disable whisper
/clearpk = Clear killer status
/addstr [points] = Adds points to Strength
/addagi [points] = Adds points to Agility
/addvit [points] = Adds points to Vitality
/addene [points] = Adds points to Energy
/addcmd [points] = Adds points to Command
/request [on/off] = Enable / disable requests in-game


Soporte / Ayudas / SOPORTE mi pelaje de error de piel lorencia
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:53:36 AM »
Hola a todos, tengo archivos s14, solo cambio las máscaras de mi lorencia a lorencia con pvp ring, y en este mapa, cuando suelto la caja de pentagrama para principiantes que, desde la creación del personaje, no se sueltan elementos, solo la caja vacía, no muestra cualquier nombre o imagen, al igual que se me cayó el cuadro vacío. Pero si dejo caer este cuadro en devias o losttower o elbeland, cae con éxito como lo necesitaba con 1 pentagrama para principiantes y 4 ertels. Sé que es porque puse estas máscaras, pero sé lo que algo puede hacer con estos mapas y en estos mapas personalizados también se colocará este cuadro de pentagrama. Sé lo que necesito hacer con las Herramientas Premium que usan algunos archivos, pero no los uso y lo que tengo que hacer) Big thx. Perdón por mi idioma, se traduce)

ENG: Hi, everyone, i have s14 files, i just change skins of my lorencia to lorencia with pvp ring, and on this map, when i drop beginner pentagramm box who given from character creation no one items is dropped, just empty box, do not shows any names or images, just like i dropped empty box. But if i drop this box in devias or losttower or elbeland - he drops successfully like he needed with 1 beginner pentagram and 4 ertels. I know its because i put this skins, but i know what something can make with this maps and on this custom maps will drops this pentagramm box too. I know what need something do with Premium Tools witch some files, but i dont witch files and what need to do) Big thx. Sorry for my language its translate)

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