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Compra / Venta de archivos / Vendo DONE
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:08:33 PM »

Publica tu server / Season14 Core Mu Online| Exp 50x | Master 15x
« on: May 13, 2019, 09:10:52 AM »
Core Mu Online Season 14 Part 3

Season 14 ep 3

Normal Exp 50x
Master Exp 15x
Majestic Exp 15x

Drop rate 30%
Excellent drop rate 5%
No Reset Server!

Max Level 1100

Chaos Machine:
+10: 75%
+11: 65%
+12 60%
+13 55%
+14 55%
+15 50%

Jewels Rate:
Soul + luck: 90%
Soul : 65%
Life: 80%

Devil Square
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
Gaions Order
Doppel Ganger
Tormented Square
Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest
Acheron Guardian
Arka War
Castle Siege
Eggs of Monster
Evomon Evolved
Golden Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
White Wizard
Crywolf Event
Last Man Standing
Core Invasion
Jewelery Invasion
Pet Invasion
Begginer Invasion


Security Comands
/dcfriend [friend login]
/block [Security Pass]
/unblock [Security Pass]

Excellent [Bound] Set+7+HP+Mana
Excellent [Bound] Weapon+7+Skill+HP+Mana
3 Days Small Wings
3 Days Panda Ring
3 Days Pet Panda


Facebook Fan Page:




Publica tu server / Season13 Mu Vanir Season [Exp Dynamic / Drop 40%]
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:24:04 AM »

Mu Vanir Custom Features:

Kit Begginer for new Characters (Bag Extension, Set, Weapons, Pets and Exp itens). [Hot!]
Begginer Arena Invasion (Only for new Players enabled 4 Days to New accounts in Website only). [Hot!]
Hunting System (Kill bosses and receive Rare Tickets, you can excharge in Moss Merchant in Elberland, See the video in the end of topic). [Hot!]
Golden Puppy Invasion. [Hot!]
Power Chiken Invasion. [Hot!]
[VM] Invasion. [Hot!]
Jewelery Invasion. [Hot!]
Custom World Quest. [Hot!]
Last Man Stading. [Hot!]

Season 13 Part 2 Updates:
New Absolute Archangel Weapons for Rage Fighter
New Earring Accessory
New Skill interface
New UI improvements
New map & monsters Deep Dungeon
New map & monsters Swamp of Darkness
New Boss "God of Darkness"
New Holy Angel weapons
New Set's Awakening
New Skills
New 4th Wings
New 4th Quest Evolution
Mini-Games Jewelry Bingo| MU Roomy | Bomb Game
New Map Favorite System
New equipment Mastery Awakening Soul
New 4th Master Skill Tree with Skills Enhancement

Mu Vanir Rates:

Normal Exp: 1000x ~ 50x Dynamic
Master Exp: 200x
Majestic Exp: 100x
Drops: 40%
Max Level: 400
Max Master Levels: 650
Max total Level: 1050
Reset Level: 400
Reset Points: 250
Max Resets: 200

Jewels Rates: Default +10%
Chaos Machine Rate: Default +5%


/offtrade Turn offline Store for Wcoin or Jewels
/offlevel Turn character offline leveling, the offlevel duration is 12 Hours

/post to send message actual server no to subservers
/gpost to send message to all subservers

/dcfriend <player_name> <password>


Last Man Standing
Arca War
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
White Wizard Invasion
Golden Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Colossus Invasion
Muun Invasion
Kanturu Event
Imperial Guardian
Kanturu Event
Balgass Event
Raklion Selupan
Gens System and Vulcanus Fight.
Acheron Guardian
Ferea Battle
Labyrinth Of Dimension
Chaos Castle Survival
Tormented Square
Nix Battle
God of Darkness

Mu Vanir Page:
Facebook page:
Facebook Group:

Publica tu server / Season13 Mu eGlobal [Exp 50x Master 15x Drop 30%]
« on: August 17, 2018, 08:13:15 AM »


 Season 13 Ep 1-2
Normal Exp: 50x 1~400
Master Exp: 15x 401 ~ 800
Majestic Exp: 15x 801 ~ 1000
Drop 30%
Exc Drop 5%
No Reset Server
Level Maximo 1000
Offlevel Online
Offtrade (Wcoin and Jewel Sales)

 Rare Jewels
 Jewel of Bless 100%
 Jewel of Soul 50% With Luck 75%
 Jewel of Life 60%

 Chaos Machine Rate:
 +10 - 75% + Luck 85%
 +11 - 70% + Luck 80%
 +12 - 65% + Luck 75%
 +13 - 60% + Luck 70%
 +14 - 55% + Luck 65%
 +15 - 50% + Luck 60%

Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Imperial of Guard / Gaion
Castle Siege
Arca Battle
Acheron Guardian
Illusion Temple
Crywolf event
Golden Invasion
Labyrinth of Dimenstion
White Wizard Invasion
Dragon Invasion
Golden Puppy invasion  - Custom -
Soldiers Invasion - Custom -
Bali Invasion - Custom -
Hunting System - Custom -


Offline levelling 72 Hours duration


Offline selling Jewels or Wcoin
Stats Add

Server post

Global post / all Servers


 7 Days VIP
 1 Set starter +7+L
 1 Weapon +7+L
 1 Basic Skill
 1 Small Wings 3 Days
 1 Pet Panda 3 Days
 1 Pink Panda Ring 3 Days
 1 Talisman os Ascension 50% Exp 3 Days
 1 Inventory Expansion
 1 Box of Pentagram Begginer

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