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Hola amigos aqui les dejo esta bonita web para un mu version clasica quedaria perfecta, siemre me ha gustado esta web, ahora se las comparto si alguno quiere adaptarla como template a mucore bienvenido sea.


Spoiler for Hiden:
User Modules:
- Support MD5/NONMD5 Data Bases
- News //Shows who posted and when support multilanguages.
- Register //Easy and secure registration.
- Rules
- Faq
- Download
- Server Status //Detailed information about server.
- Resets:
+ Normal Resets
- Top character
- Top Guilds
- Top Phonomans //Top Player Killers.
- Top Richest //Players who have the most Zen.
- Ban Char List //Shows the list of banned character
- Ban Account List //Shows the list of banned accounts
- My Profile //You can edit your profile, so other users can see information about you
- Account Panel //Info about characters. Full logs of your account activity.
+ Add Stats //Adding free level up points.
+ Reset Stats //You can reset your stats and then readd them.
+ Clear PK
+ Rename //You can rename every charaters name.
+ Reset Level //With custom modification.
- Buy Points //You can buy level up points. (Admin can set if they are saving after reset or not)
- Change Class //You can easily change your charcter calss.
- Buy Zen //Buying zen for credits
- Statistics //Interactive statistics of game-servers
- Anti Bug System
+ Recover Stats //If you put more stats than it's possible, you can reset them to maximum value.
+ Recover Money //If your money were burned, you can reset them to maxim value.
+ Teleoport to Lorencia //If you are into the map which doesnt exist, you can teleport yourself to Lorencia.
- Create Items //Webshop based item creation for credits.
- Multilanguage support //Fully integrated multilanguage system. News, Rulse, FAQ and Forum included in it.
+ English
+ Russian
+ Romanian
- Forum //Own Forum on Website
- Who is online //It shows count of users online on web and wich users
- Anti SQL Injection
- Events Start Time
- Online Helper //Interractive helper. Here you can put what do you want wich should know users(multilanguage support)
- Guild Info //All info about guild
- Banner Panel //Interractive panel wich can put a lot of banners
- Friends Panel
- Top 10 Panel //It shows top 10 heroes
- Who is online Ingame //It shows wich users are at the moment ingame
- Search by account,char-name,nickname //All of this options shows different info
- Easily can change website template

GM Panel:
Admin Panel:
- News Manager //Easy to add news. Support smiles, bbcode. From here you can set for what language you write news.
- Links Manager //Download links manager
- Credits Manager //You can add credits for users
- Account Manager //Editing Characters and Accounts ( lots of functions )
- Advanced Search
+ Get Account by IP
+ Get IP by Account
+ Get Account by Character
+ Get Characters by Account
- Webshop Manager //Adding, deleting, editing items in webshop.
- Ban Manager //Here you can set ban for Character or Account
- Ban IP //You can ban users by their IP
All the rest configurations with explanations are in cfgs.php file ( your web root folder ).





como se instala zabi plizz!


no he usado jamas el servicio de microsoft me imagino q es el azure o algo asi es el q proporciona los vps pero no los he usado solo habre todos los puertos en todas las redes bro esq es muy diferente en google cloud yo los tengo asi 44405 tpc y udp , 55901 tcp y udp 55919 tcp y udp 55999 tcp y udp (sub Servers 55920 tcp udp, 55921 tcp  y udp)


porq abriste los puertos 44405 y no los q te dice el archivo de configuracion


on: December 05, 2017, 04:51:36 PM 4 General / Off topic / Re: Regalo Vps+Hostweb+File S6 Premium+Antihack AG

ya he estado en ese tipo de tratos lo unico diferente contigo es q no te ``entrometeras`` y poes q bien a kien le des la oportunidad vrdd suerte animo yo por lo mientras sigo con mi mu montado en mi PC Vieja jaja aunq ya la factura de la luz sea Fatal


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