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on: December 29, 2018, 09:35:41 AM 1 MuOnline / CMSWebs / Imperia MuCMS 1.1.1 Nulled (license removed)



Simply use the install script:


This patch also works with the nulled version shared here (although you will need to fix some php errors in the decrypted source code, I can share it fixed later on if people ask for it):
[Release] ImperiaMuCMS version 1.1.1 Nulled

Note to jacubb (imperiamucms dev):
It's ok to develop and sell your work, but it's not ok to steal a whole open-source cms code, remove all of its license and then claim ownership over it. WebEngine allows anyone to use its code, modify it and redistribute it as long as the MIT license is kept untouched and credit is given to the developer.

Note to everyone else using ImperiaMuCMS:
So, after having a look at the decrypted source code, I can tell there's some really bad php practices on it. There's some serious security flaws in the code, use at your own risk.

Special thanks go to:
- evilek91 (for that initial null release)
- Young (for the fully decrypted source code)
- John Doe (an imperiamucms customer who shared the original release )
- Lautaro(remove license)

on: December 07, 2018, 02:27:42 PM 2 MuOnline / MvCore / MvCore 1.17.1 Register Module + ReCaptcha V2

MvCore Register + reCaptcha v2
Download link :
Edit publickey and privatekey in admincp->Register Manage->reCaptcha on
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