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on: December 07, 2018, 02:27:42 PM 1 MuOnline / MvCore / MvCore 1.17.1 Register Module + ReCaptcha V2

MvCore Register + reCaptcha v2
Download link :
Edit publickey and privatekey in admincp->Register Manage->reCaptcha on


on: June 17, 2018, 05:48:35 PM 2 MuOnline / Compra / Venta de archivos / Files Season 2+ Season 3

Vendo Files Season 2+ Season 3 full Customizable i own sources Client & Server
1.02k+1.00.19 full Custom include clicker,pickup,antihack,launcher,server and client with license per life

Files infos
Code: [Select]
Class 3rd with quest + Wings 3rd
Wings Level 4 + Status Bar + HP Bar
Unicode language,you able to use any language charcarters in server chat
Premium AntiHack Premium MHPSecurity (remake muemu antihack)
DDos in server files(gameserver)
Unique Files code base CLIENT WITHOUT Viruses
SeniorMix,CastleSiege ON,you can mix 1 item per day
No attack speed bugs(work evil spirit without agility bug)
Market System(shop in game press x in town)
Clicker inside client(Press F10 in game for setup)
Pickup inside client (/pickup x y,x y = item code)
Your store work for GEM or ZEN Offline /offzen /offgem
Golden Invasion+All mobs event give you credirs,currency named GEM
Code: [Select]
/info Details about files
/mob 1-5 ; /mob 1 untill lvl 50,/mob 2 level50-100 request chaos,your pet  attack for you mobs,and follow you every where
/reset ; reset commands,different ways to /reset you can config how you want with limit per week,with limit per month,restart with keep stats,restart with reset stats
/check ;vezi cate rr ai,gemurile iar daca ai vip activ cat timp mai ai ramas
/tipsyreset ; reset tipsy johny quest every 5 resets
/leoreset ;reset leo quest every 3 resets
/post ; write on /post
/sendgem <name> <amount>; you send gem to a plyer where x= amout of gem
/str /agi /vit /ene /cmd ;instant add points
/offexp ; offline get experience only in party with party master
/offgem ; offline store for GEM
/offzen ; offline store for ZEN
/info ; details info
/vault 1-5 ; use multi vault to have up to 5 vaults
/trace or /track ;you go to a player
/gethere <Name>; you move player to your location
/pkset ; you can set pk
/pack <jewelname> <nr>; you compress items up to 50:, nr=10,20,30,40,50 ,chaos,life,bless,soul,,harmony,gemstone,hrs
/unpack <jewelname> <nr>; you decompress item up to 50 ,for eg if you have 30 chaos you write /unpack chaos 30
/gmove <name> <nr mapa> <coord x> <coord y>0; /gmove IceMan 0 245 240 ,exemplu<<
/summerbox ; Open a Summer Box from Summer Event
/char <name> ; use this command(gm) to get info for a player level location online or offline ,resets and gem
/buyvip <x minutes> ;you buy vip for x minute
/buyminvip ;you buy minutes for vip 1 minute= 4 GEM
/vipinfo ; details about your minutes and if you have vip active you get minutes remain
/bok6 ; Open Bok6
/superbox ; Open SuperBox
/egg ; Open yin yang egg from yin yang event
/pickup <x> <y>; use this command to pick items from mobs, you get items only if you give damage to monsters
/pickanc ; you get items ancient(usefull in lot)
/picklist ; see what items you set to pickup
/pickclear ; clear your pick list
/pickinfo ; info about pickup
/pkclear ; clear phono status
/banpost ; you can banpost a player on /post
/unbanpost ; you can /unbanpost a player on /post
/skin ; you skin in mob 1-500
/lotto ; you choose number between 1-30 ,ticket cost 10 gem everyday at x hour extract a random number
/marry ; marry in devias church(need 1 heart)
/div ; close marry devias church need 10 jewel of bless(packed)
/gotomarry ; you go to marry after 200 lvl
/lastman ; join to last man battle when event start
Code: [Select]
-BloodCastle & DevilSquere-> Experience double + extra drop for jewels
-Chaos Castle -> Reward for CC 1-6 1 new jewel Random
-White Wizard -> Reward Jewels + Wizzard Ring
-Golden Invasion -> Reward Box of Kundun and GEM
-From golden helper drop Stone and get GEM 5 stone = 1 item exe Devias Church at Golden Archer
-Red Dragon Invasion -> Reward Jewels+GEM appear Lorencia/Noria/Devias
-Skeleton King -> Reward Jewels appear in Lorencia
-Balgass event-> 1 time per day at 20:00 with grand reward + 50 GEM
-Carnage Event -> 1 time per day ,with new reward + 30 GEM
- Evangelion -> Find Evangelion npc and click to him ,Reward 3 different jewels(appear 3 times in 3 maps)
-Golden Skeleton -> change stones(stone drop from golden helper) for items(in Devias)
-YinYang Rabbit -> Reward Gems & items random
-Lorencia Ring battle -> PvP event,reward gems & special jewels
-LastMan Standing -> PVP event Reward GEM & special jewels,last remain in pvp map in life win!
-Godlike Kundun -> Very strong boss,reward anc+exl top items appear beside Lorencia Town
-Lottery -> Every day lottery, with big gems reward if cumulated
-Quest systems Nr1,2 - serial of quests with different reward tipsy johny quest and Leo the helper located in Lorencia
-Mystic Solider Event Reward 1 Jewel of Mystical For increase level for Ring/Pendants Appear in Lorencia/Devias/Noria
-HappyHour Reward +10 Bonus Experience Event duration 1 hour
-NEW GOLDEN+6 Reward 1 Box of Kundun+6 +10 GEM Appear in Kanturu 1/2 In the same time with Golden Invasion
-AutoDrop Event in Lorencia with random bok/jewels1 Time per day
-Auto Scrammble Event Reward- 4Gems / answer
-King Golem Boss for receive good items from BOK+6 with 3 options
-Budge Dragon very important ,in Box of Luck we will add all new jewels ->3 budge/invasion +  GEM


Images Inside Game

Illusion Temple

King Golem boss full customisable

Login Screen

Mob Hp Bar

New Pack 10 to 50 jewels Chaos,life,Soul,Bless,Creation,Guardian,Harmony

New Wings level 4

OffGem Command ,items for GEM

All Files are full Customizable
You can what settings you want,you have for all .ini files for set drop etc
I can make Unique servers for you ,with your custom ideeas,what command you want,what setting you want.

Code: [Select]
License per life with my customization : 200 $
License per life with your customization: 250 $
Sources(Client+Server+Antihack+Clicker) : 500 $
License include every 3 month update,Clicker,Client,Server,4 SubServers ,Launcher,pickup system,Antihack
Contact me skype


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