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How can i remove the Title, Smith Item and Gambling Option?

tools/ main_info / CustomMessage


Greetings fellow Developers, today I would like to share a new Update for MU Online Bots, a program use to add a real time players in your game. The main purpose of this project is to eliminate the editing/fake of the capacity just to show the game servers are full. From the joint force of two countries, Vietnam and Philippines were here to give contribution to this wonderful community. Develop by XS-Team(X_SuperMan) and added Contribution by Zodiac Games Network

Deligate.exe Mu Online Bots for Lower Season 2 to Season 6 Update Version Release: 7.5.2017

Support Files : Titan Tech, zTeam, ENCTeam, SCFMT

Guide Installation:

Create All The Following Information And Write To "Accounts.txt"
-File character and account can not exceed 9 letters and should be not lesser than 3 letters.
-max online accounts can only 100 for our deligate program.
File in accounts.txt
Tuserver is the name account is the password of account
ZodiacDDOS is the name of the character
***It will look like this****
1 Tuserver ZodiacDDOS
1 asmyeho1 Hong1993 56246we
In Config.ini change,
ClientExeVersion = yourversion
ClientExeSerial = yourserial
Protocol=1 (can be change up to 3)0=KOR ,1=ENG ,2=JPN ,3=VTM 

You can custom the language post and speak by Characters in game in "dictionary.txt"
And set your server IP and Ports in "servers.txt":

1 YourIP Port server1


We long for this dream to come true and it finally happened. Have a good day!
Deligate Tested in SCF 6.9 Update 3/7/2017
1. Fix the move
2. Auto talk
3. Use skill
4. Automatic PK
GameServer Dat Dat
GameServer Devgame81

Old Video previous versions

Note that if you do not change the EncDecKey1 EncDecKey2 of MPHAntihack Then let Encrykey1 and Encrypkey2 = 0

Download Link:


For Premium Version, please contact us.
1. Can move the players and place in Random Maps.
2. Can talk/post to game
3. can kill anybody within the range assigned.
and many more like a normal players do.

Premium Version: Tested on Zodiac Games/



Thanks: Clint Luzano
Support: RoldanHost

Special Thanks to:

no me anda el programa,


Si seguis interesado en agregar mapas avisame que te paso la solucion. Hace algun tiempo libere una dll que los agrega.
disculpa el tiempo, porahora no estoy interesado. ya que trabajo actualmente en otro proyecto, pero estaria bueno que compartas el conocimiento ya que es un tema muy dificil de solucionar y quiza a alquien mas le haga falta.. Gracias


Buenas, Queria saber si alguien me podria ayudar con este tema.. quiero agregar nuevos mapas ejemplo Kantru o kanturu a mi server 97d,
cabe destacar que uso los files de DarksTeam 97d+99i he intentado agregando los gates al server y al cliente los archivos .att y el mapa abre pero cuando agrego monsters y los ataco se cierra el game server sin dejar ningĂșn tipo de aviso ni error. espero me puedan ayudar gracias


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