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on: August 01, 2018, 06:03:27 AM 1 MuOnline / Season6 / MuServer Season 6 Update 4.2

Go Folder
1. DataServer Change
DataServerODBC = MuOnlineS6 Change For MuOnline
2. JoinServer Change
JoinServerODBC = MuOnlineS6 Change For MuOnline

Comando SetVip                  YES
Comando Limpar Inv.                YES
Comando Marry                  YES
Comando Abrir baú               YES
Comando Mudar Classe               YES
Comando Premiar                 YES
Comando PremiarAll               YES
Comando Info                 YES
Comando Ban char               YES
Comando Ban Acc                 YES
Comando Abrir evento               YES
Comando MakeSet(Novo)               YES
Comando Drop(Novo)               YES
Comando Top(Novo)               YES
Comando Presente(Novo)               YES
Sorteio Online                 YES
Custom Moves                 YES
Custom Summon                 YES
Custom Quests(Novo)               YES
Evento Rei do MU reformulado (Novo)         YES
Evento Roleta Russa (Novo)           YES
Evento Pega Pega               YES
Evento Esconde Esconde               YES
Evento Veloz                 YES
HP Bonus System                 YES
Die Message System               YES
Online User Message               YES
Online GM Message               YES
Desabilitar Exp Message               YES
Desabilitar Recuo da Skill           YES
Tempo no comando /store(Novo)           YES
Tempo no comando /attack           YES
Support GS User: 100
Max Custom Wings               100         
Max Custom Static Effect           3000         
Max Custom Dynamic Effect           3000     
Encriptação especial               YES
Necessário Autenticação               YES
Funções especiais no GS               YES
Fix remover convite (BC,DS,IT,CC)         YES
Fix /store dupe                 YES
Fix Max skill power do BOT buffer         YES
Fix Duel Level minimo               YES
Fix Dataserver Inject               YES
Fix /store cliente Crash           YES
Fix Custom Jewel of Socket*           YES
Fix Remover Zen no Reset Tabelado         YES
Fix Elf /attack                 YES
Desabilitar Mix de Asas (DL,SU)(Novo)         YES
Desabilitar DL,SU no Cliente(Novo)         YES
Disable Static Effect YES
Disable Dynamic Effect YES
Disable Skill Effect YES
Custom Bow Support Is ID: 100-121
Combo Class ALL
Fonts Yes
SmokerEffect Yes    
Local Time Yes
Server Time Yes

MuHelper Fix
MuServer/Data Copu This Files here!UIBXgIjS!63lLUYJ2KViojhq7jbOTuT26BBTSmSQhw91uSfBHVDM

GameSErverCS Fix!QV43WaCR!Zt91dCJ62zQutAZ3i3i6an2iWIn5X4s1UHGwyeRAhbo

Louis Update 4

on: July 31, 2018, 09:44:22 PM 2 MuOnline / Scripts / querys / Activar Horas y Tiempo Online

Hola TSM les vengo a traer esta query para que puedan activar las Horas Online en la tabla MEMB_STAT de su base de datos Mu Online

Code: [Select]
USE [msdb]

/****** Object:  Job [OnlineTMReset]    Script Date: 10/05/2012 15:29:43 ******/
SELECT @ReturnCode = 0
/****** Object:  JobCategory [[Uncategorized (Local)]]]    Script Date: 10/05/2012 15:29:43 ******/
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT name FROM msdb.dbo.syscategories WHERE name=N'[Uncategorized (Local)]' AND category_class=1)
EXEC @ReturnCode = msdb.dbo.sp_add_category @class=N'JOB', @type=N'LOCAL', @name=N'[Uncategorized (Local)]'
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback


EXEC @ReturnCode =  msdb.dbo.sp_add_job @job_name=N'OnlineTMReset',
@description=N'No hay ninguna descripción.',
@category_name=N'[Uncategorized (Local)]',
@owner_login_name=N'WIN-5KLFNO6OB19\Administrador', @job_id = @jobId OUTPUT
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback
/****** Object:  Step [OnlineTMReset]    Script Date: 10/05/2012 15:29:43 ******/
EXEC @ReturnCode = msdb.dbo.sp_add_jobstep @job_id=@jobId, @step_name=N'OnlineTMReset',
@os_run_priority=0, @subsystem=N'TSQL',
@command=N'update memb_stat set
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback
EXEC @ReturnCode = msdb.dbo.sp_update_job @job_id = @jobId, @start_step_id = 1
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback
EXEC @ReturnCode = msdb.dbo.sp_add_jobschedule @job_id=@jobId, @name=N'OnlineTMReset',
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback
EXEC @ReturnCode = msdb.dbo.sp_add_jobserver @job_id = @jobId, @server_name = N'(local)'
IF (@@ERROR <> 0 OR @ReturnCode <> 0) GOTO QuitWithRollback
GOTO EndSave



on: June 30, 2018, 12:30:46 PM 3 MuOnline / Season9 / Files Compiled IGCN Season 9 (Repack)

Spoiler for Hiden:
My Goal when I first built this repack was aimed towards making building an MU server way easier by giving you a tool (Server Manager) to control everything from one program. I came up with the idea many years ago. And went through many software changes. But overall I'm very happy with what it has become. When I first started this repack I never thought I would get this far or learn this much or have as much support as I did. We've gone through so many changes for this repack. Bad & Good. I've also met a lot of great people from this community and I'm thankful I can call these people my friends. And I'm thankful for everyone who helped with this repack. Everyone here is truly awesome and I'm super thankful for your guys support and helping me learn new things. My Goal when it came to these files overall was just to offer this community stable files for free that you can enjoy with a public or local server with friends or yourself.
Once again. Thank you for letting me be apart of this community and I hope everyone is happy with the files as I've said once before (you're the reason) I started this project.

Spoiler for Hiden:
General Features
Minimum CPU & RAM usage control resources usage from configuration
Enhanced Speed and Performance of Server applications
Hyper-threading optimized files multi-core processors are no longer a problem
Packets Queue System
Easy Configurable Environment minimalist configuration required to up and run server
Detailed Logs System now you can keep an eye on what your players are doing

Client Side Features
HD Resolution Support
Auto Reconnect System
Glow System shinny your items in own colours
Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group
Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13
Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug)
Multi Language Support: Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnam and more (included translations: English, Portuguese, Spanish)

Tools and Editors

1. IGC.Essential Tool
Stats Editor
Location Editor
Skill Editor
Gens Editor
Game Master Editor
Account Manager
Banishment Manager
VIP Manager
Castle Siege Manager
Marriage Manager
Guild Manager
Item Editor

Database Management
Search and delete empty or inactive Accounts
Search and delete dupe Items
Character Exp Fixer
DataBase Backup Manager
Items structure converter to IGC.Format
and more...

Item Finder
Account Finder
Status Checker

Server and Game Features
Party & Guild Matching
Pandora Jewel and Mining System
News and Notices System display global messages to your players on specified interval
Advanced VIP System award your players with a range of benefits of being VIP
Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps
Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time
Chaos Box System configure the rates the way you want
Character Settings System get your character balanced, no matter of your server configuration
Skill Settings System configure skills formula of each class and special mobs skills
Buffer Bot System Customize the Bots to award your players with selection of Buffs
Event Reward System Customize events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more) reward type and count
Prohibited Words limit your players with the words that are not elegant
ChaosCard Bag Custom Reward from Chaos Card - that can be done
Custom Socket Manage Custom Socket Item? Yes, this is truth
Lucky Items Manager want a Custom Lucky Item? Nothing easier
Reset Item Manager required item to perform reset? Configure it here
Item Bag Manager allows you to add New Event Bags yourself for and item or monster
Drop Manager Configure drop the way you want, with no limits
Game Master Shop
Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash
Off-Levelling gain exp being offline
Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK
Configurable PVP Damage Reduction increases the PVP duration without changing the characters balance
Configurable Castle Siege damage reduction increases the Castle Siege PVP duration without changing the characters balance
Full Customizable Elemental System with pentagram, mithril and Errtel drop rates and mix rates
Map Attribute System enabling or disabling PVP, Pk Penalty, Exp Bonus and Drop Rate for each map
Zen Configuration customize the zen drop of each map
Gens System configurable and with all features (Quests, Ranking, PVP and more)
Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account

InGame Quests and Events
Arca War Battle
Acheron Guardian Event
Chaos Castle Survival Event
Illusion Temple Renewal
Imperial Fort Event
Double Goer (Doppelganger)
Castle Siege
Loren Deep
Devil Square (1-7)
Blood Castle (1-8)
Chaos Castle (1-7)
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
Rabbits Invasion
Pouch of Blessing Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Battle Soccer
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaCleon Event
Last Man Stating Event (Custom)
Bonus events Event (Custom)
Santa Village Event
Halloween Event
New Year Day Event

Lottery Events
Lucky Items System
Rena Event
Chaos Card
Moss The Gambler

Box and Sepcial Item Events
Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink)
Heart of Love
Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue)
Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red)
Golden and Silver Medals
Start of Sacred Rebirth
GM Box
Cherry Blossom (Gold)
Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes

Side Features
Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
Loren Market Location
Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
Original Mini Maps
Gens System with Gens Chat Support
Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams)
Elemental Damage System
Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master)
Fruits System
Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse
Mu Helper BOT System
Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love
Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80

Spoiler for Hiden:

Previous Changelog
Spoiler for Hiden:
Texture Changes to maps or upgraded textures (Map Has Not Been Modified)
Qeffects now comes with client download (In Extras Folder)
SMS Service Partially Removed
Some Text_ENG.bmd Adjustments
Chat Bug Fix (Enter Bug)
Fully rotatable 3D camera
MuBot Has Combo Selection
QeffectsGL (Now Supported)
Facebook Feature From Mu Helper Removed
Custom ScreenShot Path
Character Frame GResetBox Is Disabled
Some Season 10 + 11 Items added
Win 7 Errors fixed with not be able to load the client or start the client
HQ Character Skins + New Character HQ skins (Kapocha33)
Added EXC Glow (SolarisMU)
Added Reset/MLV Box (SolarisMU)
Newer Class Skins From S12
Barracks,CryWolf,Lorenmarket Are Now Added To Warp Window

Default Configuration
OffLevel now functions but is buggy
Offtrade now works
DataServer Errors have been fixed
DataServer Display Icon Has Been Fixed
DataServer & Battlecore Dataserver crashes have been fixed (If Not Restore Your Databases Again)
Bots no longer need to be manually reloaded
Fixed Bot Reload
Bot store has now been implemented (Little Buggy)
Multiple event errors have been fixed
Default Blood Castle has been installed, But Infernal Blood Castle can be downloaded as optional
Blood Castle Can Now Support 1000 Monsters
Startup Programs Have Been Reprogrammed
Medusa & Sapi Queen Item Bag Fix
ArcaBattle is now loading in GS(Event Not Tested)
AcheronGuardian is now loading in GS (Event Not Tested)
RageFighter Inventory Error Fix (Thanks thevjfla)
Map Terrains are now default (No More Bounce Back For Default Maps)
Gaion Event is now working with no issues
AcheronGuardian Reload Notice has been fixed
Server Manager Has Been Revamped
Ancient Options Limit Increase = 255
Warehouse Count = 3
SeedMaster Extraction Now Fixed
No more 5-sec delay between select server/switch character/exit game
Castle Siege (Store) Is Now Working
DataServer % Crash Fix
BattleCore DataServer % Crash Fix

Final Update Changelog
Spoiler for Hiden:
Raven Visual Fix  "For Player Perspective only"
When trying to warp In CC wrong error text display has been fixed.
Custom Wings Now Supported ( Max 50)
Custom Effects Now Supported  Dynamic & Static (Max 5000)
Custom Effect Generator
Custom Wing  Generator
AG & SD Values "Always Display" without hover
Custom font has been removed since it caused some bugs on certain PC's
MG Impale Skill Visual Fix
Custom RF Gloves are now supported and visual issue has been fixed.
Custom Window Name Can now be modified in ServerInfo.bmd "Only Supports 3 Characters currently"
Fix reset position for 3D Camera
Death stab and other skills visuals have been fixed.

And much more!

Default Attack Speed value is now fixed to 25
Incorrect ItemList for Cashshop Editor
Devil Square Item Drop Has Been Fixed And Can Be Modify In IGC_Common.ini
Blood Castle Item Drop Has Been Fixed And Can Be Modify In IGC_Common.ini
Fixed Broken & Buggy Server Manager UI Layout
Improved Server Manager Design
Added Short Gif Guides in the support section
Improved Get IPV4 Address In IP/SQL Editor
Improved Portforward Guide
Improved Tools Section
Incorrect "Muun Dates Visual" have been removed. But dates must still be modify on server side in order for the effects to work
Attack Event Notice has been fixed And Displays Which map it has initiated on
Better PVP Balance (Will Still Need Better Balance)
Better Skill Balance  (Will Still Need Better Balance)
Typo's In ImperialGuardian Config have been fixed
EXC Items & Normal Items now drop in ImeprialGuardian
GameServer Logs will now be created in ExtraLogs Folder to keep things more organized
Santa has been enabled by default and can be disabled in IGC_MonsterSpawn.xml
S13 Wings have been
CRC check (Client) & (Server) now works
Marry teleport has been fixed and also gives a notice.
PremiumEXP has now been disabled.
/gpost works correctly now & GPOST Zen Requirement fix.
Disable Pets from dropping. (Frequent Bug). Which Pets don't drop? (Guardian Angel, Imp, Horn of Uniria)
Rage Fighter now receives the correct Item Bag fix.
Event missing notifications fixed.
Marry Teleport Command has been changed from /huwi to /teleport
All Quest have been translated from Korean to English. (not the most accurate but it's the best I can do)
Missing Item Bags (Minor, Standard, Greater, Luxurious, Magnificent, Legendary, Unique Boxes now have item bags) (You must add your own custom items)
Multi warehouse SQL Script is now included and functions there is a 30 section wait time between switching warehouses. Will also receive a log in GS
MuBot/MuHelper: Zen requirement has been fixed.
New Custom Commands /setzen /mstreset /reload.

And much more!

Spoiler for Hiden:
I have included a section dedicated to teaching you how to set up the files. But if you still don't understand no worries I'm here to fix that problem.

1: Create/Restore Databases
Spoiler for Hiden:
Once you click Proceed wait for an notfication to pop up telling you that your
Databases have been successfully created/restored [Takes Around 10 Seconds]

If the Automatic Script did not work for you. You must do it Manual. The SQL scripts are located In the following destination.


2: Modifying IP & SQL
Spoiler for Hiden:
Once this Editor opens first thing you need to get is your IPV4 Address

Go To Support Section>Where Do I Find My IPV4 Address You?> and that will take you to your IPV4

You may have to scroll up to find it.

Once you have that Load MapServerInfo and put in the first text box at the bottom

PUT YOUR IP HERE and then Put In Second Text Bot Your IPV4 Address

Now Repeat This Step For ServerList

IP Locations must now be modified in DataServer.ini Files as well.

3: Modifying Client Side
Spoiler for Hiden:
Open The Tools section and run IGCNServerInfoEditor
Open ServerInfo.bmd Change The IP and save the file to the location below.
Data\Local\ServerInfo.bmd (On Client Side)

4: Creating Your First Account
Spoiler for Hiden:
Open The Tools Section once again and run IGC.Essential Tools.
Look for the Icon in system try and right click the icon and click accounts.
type in a user and pass & click create.

5: Booting Up The Server
Spoiler for Hiden:
Click on Start Server then pick which server startup  you like.

6: Port forward 
Spoiler for Hiden:
Guide will be displayed in the server manager xD

SQL Errors Or Name Pipes Error
Spoiler for Hiden:
-> SQL Server Configuration Manager
-> SQL Server Network Configuration
-> Protocol for MSSQLSERVER
-> TCP/IP -> Enabled.
-> Name Pipes -> Enabled
go to Properties Tab  of TCP/IP :
Enabled ->Yes (All)
For TCP Port -> Put 1433 (All)
Click OK and restart MSSQLSERVER.

Credits go to: MrQU3ST10N

Video Tutorial
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Season 9 Server (Final Release) (8/31/19)!cDZQCAhL!-qD2Rglwe940Ut_woLL3IB1sMN0J4_zDroWy02VSsEc

Season 9 Client (Final Release) (8/31/19)!NXIWQaLY!V_neM-M6SIMGvoFyLA-MUOKbFPOWn-n4BYpPFg86WTM

SQL 2008:

Missing Interface Fix
Spoiler for Hiden:

And solution from myheart.
just open Nvidia control panel and change High-performance Nvidia processor instead of Integrated graphics for main.exe

Spoiler for Hiden:
|7/26/19| Small Server Update With Item Bags:!BOxz0ACS!cNqN3Cg22kpFmGSCZob1ijM2ZFqGxPmOpQ6fGfnYf-8

|7/26/19| Small Server Update Without Item Bags:!0KxFCQqS!zf3fDTlDp4yIpu02HwojbgXoSOxExraIrqxYkZCG1wg

|7/26/19| GameServers With CRC Fixed:!xb5AhATB!bSU_yPCwlZ1mpn98HBLAjSuwzoODQDlHJzndNtwU2hA

|7/26/19| Small Client Patch:!YDwEQaSJ!peh55iIUxghLkgbbL5Zj3ZX6lwyPFWV00cTdqWmKY7Y

|8/11/19|GameServer With Default AttackSpeed Value Changed!BS5EnKiL!viaHpaJw7Y7nW2HOyOSp6eL48wVlvsL1YwyYQtOG26o

|9/25/19|GameServers With ChaosBox Fixed!9ORy1KqB!kJzqYWsp0LP6syqoD3oZS1017dwUjbL47IyNXmNEXA0

|9/26/19|GameServers With Chaos Weapon And Wing 1 100%  Succes Rate!tHQA0ahT!4BTtP1-nc_sUDJRII5Yw_OM-6WdjFJKOH78Csu5OyW8

Spoiler for Hiden:
Server ScreenShots:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Client ScreenShots:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

I want to say I'm super thankful for my friends who helped me with this project you guys have no idea how thankful I am for you helping me with this project!!
@myheart @thevjfla @michi28 @Natzugen @YolaxD @allexander

And for everyone who helped test these files & find bugs thank you very much as well!!!!!


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on: June 09, 2018, 01:02:31 AM 4 MuOnline / Herramientas / Pentium tools 1.6

Bueno viendo como muchos tienen problemas de compatibilidad con el Pentium tools 1.9 , busque en mis carpetas y les aporto el Pentium tools 1.6 . para los que tienen dichos problemas, Funcional en Windows 8.1 - y Windows  10


Si los saben comenten para agregarlos


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on: May 03, 2018, 06:01:47 PM 6 MuOnline / Worlds / [APORTE] Map DareDevil Versiones Clasicas

Detiene los ataques de DDoS y protege a los servidores
Con la proliferación de la Internet, los usuarios también tienen que enfrentarse a las crecientes amenazas de los piratas informáticos y otros elementos antisociales y vosotros los servidores están siempre en riesgo, sobre todo de los ataques DDoS.

Pero con la ayuda de anti DDoS Guardian, usted puede asegurarse de que usted mantenga todos estos ataques en la bahía y ver al que te sirve la función a la perfección en todo momento.

Detener la inundación SYN, inundación TCP, inundación UDP, inundación ICMP, ataques de ancho de banda.

Detener ataques lentos de HTTP Get & Post.

Proteja la conexión de escritorio remoto de Windows contra ataques de fuerza bruta por contraseñas

Admite Windows:
2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 y Windows 2012.

En 32 bits y 64 bits.


Anti DDoS Guardian

on: April 04, 2018, 11:35:04 AM 8 MuOnline / Season6 / Files Season TT, S6 Epi3 Corregido todo

Hola amigos no se si estoi haciendo lo corecto pero aqui dejo unos files que usaba hace mucho y ahora los libero.!
aclaro que los files que dejo son los que le compre al BriianDesing no se si abran escuchado de esa persona pero en fin.
aqui los dejo para como mas les guste usarlo.!
ya les corregi en un 90% las configuraciones malas.!
si desean ayuda ante el tema abrir un tema en la seccion de soporte y con gusto le ayudaremos.!

SQL 2008r2 x64 :
Aclaro los files usan SQL 2008 r2 y fueron probados en Windows Server 2008 r2 x64bits con capacidad de el vps de 1gb de ram y 60 de disc y andaban sin lag ya que son optimizados los files.!

Disculpor por los link con publicidad pero los puse sin pensar espero disfruten de los files.!
Titan Tech
CoorpgamerZ Compra y aportacion de los Files


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on: January 27, 2018, 02:37:53 PM 9 MuOnline / Software's / MuGuard Firewall

Buenos días usuarios de TuserverMu, les dejo un pequeño aporte MU Guard Firewall CRACKEADO!!

 Les recomiendo que usen éste, ya que es le mejor en su estilo y está totalmente configurado.-

MuGuard MU Firewall - Anti Flood Current Version : - (WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 Y SERVER)

Use windows internal IPSEC policy to filter IP and Ports.
Defend server in different network attacks (flooding/dos).
Dont use packet proxying to avoid network performance penalty.
Easily manage IP blacklist and whitelist using text file.
Easily manage Port Rules using text file. (e.g 1433 tcp allow me - allow connection to tcp port 1433 from IP only.)
Easily enable/disable windows builtin protection for SYN,ICMP and SNMP.

Contraseña :

Programa: MUGuard.
Crack: Pinkof.

MuGuard FIREWALL.rar   134 KB


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on: January 07, 2018, 01:54:52 PM 10 MuOnline / Interface / Tela de carregamento para mu Season 6 + bônus

bom, pode usar a imagem, ou a barra de carregamento


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on: December 29, 2017, 05:31:53 PM 11 MuOnline / General / Como crear los terrain.att

Estado viendo que muchos preguntan como sacar el terrain de un mapa, que lo piden cuando suben un world.

No se si hay una guía para esto pero bueno si la hay borro esto no hay drama.

Es un vídeo simple.


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on: December 26, 2017, 12:25:00 PM 12 MuOnline / Wings / Wings Ex700+[Effects MuEmu][S6]



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on: December 22, 2017, 01:33:14 PM 13 MuOnline / Herramientas / MuHelper para Versiones Bajas.

Es una herramienta para simular el "muhelper" de las versiones s6 o mayor,  para usarse en cualquier otra version.

- F9 = configurar
- F6 = Start 
- F8 = Stop
- F10 = Iniciar otra instancia de MU
- F12 = Minimizer/Maximizer




on: December 20, 2017, 09:01:54 PM 14 MuOnline / 99x / Files 99B [99.60] FREE - EX FIRETEAM

Vi este otro aporte y me gusto aportarlo al TSM se ven buenísimos ademas con criticas de que funcionan al 100% espero les guste a los amantes de versiones clasicas dance.


Code: [Select]
Soporte opcion adicional +28
Soporte de items +15
Items accients + opcion excellent
Balon de GM
Game Master puede moverse con laos moves (M)
Marlon quest guardada
Tienda personal 100%
Creacion de personajes 100%
Seleccion de servidores 100%
Seleccion de personajes 100%
Creacion de guild 100%
Sistema de buff 100%
Marlon quest 100%
Configuraciones disponibles:
Puerto UDP
Level Maximo
Numero Maximo de Jugadores
Maximo de zen en invetario
Maximo de zen en Warehouse
Porcentaje de Joyas
Tiempo de items dropeados en Chaos
Level de uso de skills
Porcentajes de Great Foritiute
Porcentaje de Manashield
Tiempo para cerrar
Porcentaje de drop de items
Porcentaje de drop de maquina chaos
Precio de jewells
Premios de blood castle
The white wizzard - Configuracion de premios unica
Red Dragon invasion - Configuracion de premios unica
Chaos castle - Configuracio de premios unica
Medusa invasion- Configuracion de premios unica
Invasion de Dorados
Kalima Evento
Devil Square
Sobrevivencia - PVP Automatico
Comandos usuarios:
/str ---> SUMAR PUNTOS
/dex ---> SUMAR PUNTOS
/ene ---> SUMAR PUNTOS
/vit ---> SUMAR PUNTOS
/cmd ---> SUMAR PUNTOS
/pkclear ---> ELIMINAR PK
/zen ---> OBTENER ZEN
Comandos para gms
/moveall < mapa > < x > < y > ---> MOVER TODOS LOS USUARIOS ONLINE
/disconnect < name > ---> DESCONECTAR PERSONAJE
/gmove < name > < mapa > < x > < y > ---> MOVER PERSONAJE A X LUGAR
/track < name > ---> IR A DONDE ESTA EL PERSONAJE
/skin < name > < number > ---> TRANSFORMACIONES EN MOBS/NPC
/make ---> EDITAR ITEMS

1 : Creamos una carpeta en Disco Local C con el nombre MuServer y pegamos el contenido descargado.
2 : Restauramos la Base de Datos MuOnline desde nuestro SQL.
3 : Cambiamos nuestra IP en el archivo BoR_ServerList de la carpeta ConnectServer\Data por nuestra IP. (NOIP o IP Númerica).
4 : Cambiamos nuestra IP en el archivo MapServerInfo de la carpeta MuServer/Data por nuestra IP. (Respetar la S).
5 : Prendemos nuestro servidor desde la carpeta "Ligar", vamos abriendo 1 a 1 los links hasta llegar al ultimo.
PD: Deben traducir
* Mensaje wtf desde la data de muserver (chs)

Server Files:

Cliente 1.0_

ODBC 32 Y 64 Bits:

Parche cliente/server jaula dungeon:



Espero les gusteee 8)


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on: December 18, 2017, 06:20:12 PM 15 MuOnline / Antihacks / [TDA] GameGuard V3 + Guía de Instalación

Aquí les dejo un AntiHack más reciente gratiuto de TDAGameGuard espero les sirva de algo.


- Posibilidad de agregar hacks a una base de datos personal mediante la herramienta del sistema.
 - Sistema de seguridad cliente-servidor para verificar si esta funcionando correctamente (en caso contrario no permite la conexion)
 - Sistema de proteccion contra proxy
 - Splash Personalizable
 - AutoUpdate imagen personalizable
 - Sistema de revision de archivos por CheckSum (revision constante)
 - Sistema de baneo de usuarios
 - Nuevo escudo! TDA Heuristic Shield (este escudo no detecta mediante palabras, sino mediante comportamiento), le permite detectar una amplia variedad de aplicaciones aun sin estar anexas a la base de datos.
 - Posibilidad de cambiar el idioma de la Dll mediante la modificacion del archivo TDAgg.ini




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Aca una guía de como configurar y usar /Store /OffStore /Attack /OffActtck MuEMU Season6 Episodio3



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arlos Mondragon
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