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- Resoluciones Soportadas


[Beta 13 Changelog]
Fixed being able to use /tracemarry while dead
Fixed being able to enter Icarus without wings by using /tracemarry
Moved some hard coded messages to Messages.ini
Translated Castle Deep event messages to English
Added ability to change Castle Lord mix min/max exc options

[Beta 12 Changelog]
Fixed Red Dragon jewels durability bug
Fixed potion delay not working properly in some cases

[Beta 11 Changelog]
Fixed crash bug
Small bug fixes

[Beta 10 Changelog]
Tweaked Sky event entrance coordinates
Fixed players being able to kill each other before event start (when pvp is allowed)
Fixed sky event wizard teleport issue
Added ability to keep marlon quest below level 220 (ie after reset)

[Beta 9.3 Changelog]
Fixed combo damage formula not working properly

[Beta 9.2 Changelog]
Added ability to control combo damage formula

[Beta 9.1 Changelog]
Added /exit command
Added option to limit maximum members in a guild
Small bug-fixes

[Beta 9 Changelog]
Fixed /online command not counting game masters
/reload now reloads EventManager.dat as well
/banpost and /unbanpost now works with both, online and offline players
Reduced multi-vault sql queries
Fixed Sky event not resetting players score in some cases
Quest system tweaks
A lot of small bug fixes and optimizations

[Beta 8.3 Changelog]
Fixed character creation issue

[Beta 8.2 Changelog]
Attempt to fix /offtrade spamming errors

[Beta 8.1 Changelog]
Fixed commands not working properly

[Beta 8 Changelog]
Fixed /hide_on not hiding correctly
Fixed Devil Square 5 not showing remaining time
Fixed /vault dupe
Added ability to limit some commands to vips only
Added Advanced Anti Afk System
Huge performance improvements
News system corrections
/reload command will now reload most of the customs
Fixed item drop on death

[Beta 7 Changelog]
Added ability to change Elf Soldier max level
Fixed Kundun boss not dropping excellent items with luck
Fixed Erohim not dropping excellent items with luck

[Beta 6.1 Changelog]
Fixed /offtrade spamming errors

[Beta 6 Changelog]
Fixed vault full of Dark Horse/Raven crash

[Beta 5.2 Changelog]
Attempt to fix gs_cs crash

[Beta 5.1 Changelog]
Off Trade hotfix

[Beta 5 Changelog]
Added Golden Archer - Unique - first 99.60 files with it
Added Offline trade system (/offtrade) - Hot!
Added Happy Level Up event - Hot!
Points per level options will now change points per level in events as well
Removed Webzen character name authority
Fixed party zen bug in Devil Square
Added ability to change Greater Fortitude time (points per second)
Fixed trade with npc crash - Hot!

[Beta 4.1 Changelog]
Added a check to teleport characters back in lorencia if they are inside Sky event's cell after logging/relogging
Fixed Sky event reward excellent options generator

[Beta 4 Changelog]
Added ability to disable monsters push in Chaos Castle event
Fixed Kundun boss ancient items drop count option
Added custom Land of Trials entrance npc with ability to set min level, resets, price to enter (npc id 234)
Added ability to set per room rewards in Chaos Castle event
Added ability to redirect all kalima gates to gate 1
Added Sky Event (entrance npc id 247) - Download the new client patch
Fixed Happy Hour event item drop issue
Added ability to disable Ice Arrow skill effect on specified mobs
Fixed Prices.ini not being read correctly

[Beta 3.2 Changelog]
Fixed quest system not deleting all required items

[Beta 3.1 Changelog]
Some corrections to the quest system

[Beta 3 Changelog]
Added advanced VIP System
Added advanced Quest System
In case of missing custom sql columns, the gameserver will attempt to automatically create them

[Beta 2 Changelog]
Happy Hour event added!
Option to enable castle siege skills in all maps - added
Advanced map system (with zones, non pvp, pk free) - added
Valley of Loren move menu slot - unlocked
Improved disconnect hack detection
Post color #4 fixed
Console removed
Advanced Blood Castle rewards according to the room level
Limit points that can be added through mouse / add command to 32767 - no more bugged stats
News system limit of 5 sections - removed
Bless & Soul potion chaos mixes wpe hack - fixed
Character create with bad name (wpe) crash - fixed
Guild create with bad name (wpe) crash - fixed
Guild notice sql injection - fixed

[Beta 1 Changelog]
Manashield maximum percentage option added
Custom Item drop file corrected

Client update #1
Castle siege skills unlocked
Low cpu usage
Direct run enabled
Font in game fixed
Multirun enabled
F11 popup removed

Client update #2
Added Sky Event cell in Icarus

IP in main:
Serial: SDFS45345fgfggjj
Version: 1.00.13

- :: Classic features :: -

Support all features of 99b, 1.0L, 1.0M
Elf Summons Works 100%
Elf Soldier Works 100%
Lahap Works 100%
Guild War Works 100%
Duel Works 100%
Quest HERO and Combo Skill Works 100%
Delete Chars Works 100%
Delete Guilds Works 100%
Guild Hostility Works 100%
Messenger- Mails Works 100%
!Message the Admin Works 100%
@Message Guilds Works 100%
~Message Party Works 100%
PK BUG - No disconnect Works 100%
Potion Bug Works 100%
Personal Store Works 100%
Pet Trainer Works 100%
Devil Square 1 - 6 Works 100%
Blood Castle 1 - 7 Works 100%
Chaos Castle 1 - 6 Works 100%
All Skills Works 100%
Party Crash Fixed 100%
Battle Soccer Works 100%
Golden Invasion Works 100%
Ring Attack Works 100%
Guild Alliance Works 100%
Mix +10 +11 +12 +13 Works 100%
Guild/Party Chat bug Fixed Works 100%
Party Zen Bug Fixed
Rings level 40 and 80 Works 100%
Castle siege event - 100%
Golden Archer - 100%

- :: Custom commands :: -

/post, /add, /pkclear, /reset, /online, /time, /gg, /reload, /banpost, /unbanpost, /skin, /drop, /vault, /banchar, /unbanchar, /evo, /marry, /acceptmarry, /divorcemarry, /tracemarry, /getmarry, /onlinemarry, /hide_on, /hide_off, /questinfo, /buyvip, /vipinfo, /offtrade, /exit

- :: Custom features/config options :: -

GM Login notice
Points per level options
Max level option
Ability to enable/disable checksum
Enable/disable duel requests in maps
Enable/disable party requests maps
Enable/disable guild war requests in maps
Enable/disable trade requests in maps
Elf orb configurable options
Blood castle award
White wizard item drop
Chaos Castle minimum players to start
Kalima ancient items drop percentage
GM System
Unique item drop system
Mixes success rates options
News system
Party formula
Potions hp/mana regeneration percentage
Chaos machine rates
Jewels rates
Pets rates
Wings rates
Castle siege mix rates
Transformation rings options
Skills min level to use options
Support for excellent items in shops
Advanced Blood Castle rewards according to the room level
Castle Siege skills in all maps - Hot!
Advanced Quest System - New!
Advanced VIP System - New!
Sky Event - New!
Happy Hour Event - Hot!
Happy Level Up Event - New!
Offline Trade System - New!
Advanced Anti Afk System - New!

- :: Fixed bugs :: -

PK Bug
Party zen bug
Potion bug
Invasion message
Jewel of life +28

- :: Security :: -

Anti lahap dupe
Anti disconnect hack
Anti character create with bad name (wpe) - Hot!
Anti guild create with bad name (wpe) - Hot!
Anti npc trade crash - New!



on: June 22, 2020, 01:39:57 AM 3 MuOnline / Sources Generales / MU Download Manager

La configuración de los enlaces de descarga se realiza a través de xml y la descarga acompaña a la PSD del archivo

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <tamanho>600 MB</tamanho>

    <tamanho>400 MB</tamanho>

    <tamanho>100 MB</tamanho>

PD: Cambie el enlace HTTP en MuDownloader.cs a su sitio web y copie downloader.xml en su alojamiento

Only VB 2015 UP

on: June 22, 2020, 01:18:58 AM 4 MuOnline / Sources Generales / AntiSpeed


on: June 07, 2020, 02:37:39 PM 7 MuOnline / Sources Generales / Source RePack KoshGames

En la carpeta Source Main, aparte de eso, encontraran las sources del getmainINFO


Ultimo Update publicado:

GameS Servers!


Nose si soy boludo o que pero ya este es el ultimo up sources que se publicara!
Visual 2010 - 20/06/2020


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on: June 05, 2020, 02:20:57 AM 8 MuOnline / MuEMU / Resolver Problemas con Capas (up21 Louis)

Buenos dias Usuarios de TSM, este es mi primer aporte y es sobre un tema que me dio tanta tarea como lo es las Custom Cloack de los files MuEmu up21 de Louis (o up22 en su defecto) que se ven de esta manera.

Bien la solucion esta en lo siguiente:

Share Sourcer Muemu Full Custom, "Tu Chan", Custom PET, Rank New, title New,....

Goodbye MU !
Demo :

Link Source:
Server :
Client :
Client2 :
Thank TuserverMU

on: May 30, 2020, 09:56:40 PM 10 MuOnline / Sources Generales / CustomFont interface



Demo code:
Code: [Select]
CustomFont.Draw(CustomFont.FontBold,   250, 200, 0xFF00FFFF, 0x0, 0, 0, 0, "ElfCheat");
CustomFont.Draw(CustomFont.FontNormal, 250, 220, 0xFF00FFFF, 0x0, 0, 0, 0, "ElfCheat");
CustomFont.Draw(CustomFont.FontSize15, 250, 240, 0xFF00FFFF, 0xFF000033, 0, 0, 0, "ElfCheat");
CustomFont.Draw(CustomFont.FontSize18, 250, 260, 0xFF00FFFF, 0x0, 0, 0, 0, "ElfCheat");

CustomFont.DrawMultipleColor(CustomFont.FontBold, 50, 50, 0x0, 0, 0, 0, "ElfCheat demo multiple color TSM");

You can create another type of color. In demo source, color and background color have type format 0xRRGGBBTT, RR = RED, GG = GREEN, BB = BLUE, TT = TRANSPARENT. Value range 0x0 - 0xFF each one, equal 0 to 255.

In fact, I'm drawing multiple lines the same position to have multiple colors like this:

on: May 29, 2020, 11:10:44 AM 11 MuOnline / Sources Generales / Right Click Mouse

I share for you because I'm no longer passionate about MuOnline anymore it makes me tired
Thank you, wish you success


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on: May 29, 2020, 04:31:24 AM 12 MuOnline / Sources Generales / 97D Wiland (2013)

Bueno chicos,
Considerando que es un proyecto que freno en 2013, y nunca mas se toco, lo publico.
Es de mis inicios, no esperen nada bueno, tiene todo mezclado, brazuca, ingles, polaco, etc... pero quizas tenga algunas cosas que puedan utilizar. Es similar a amynuz en algunos sentidos (usar dll's del jmk mu x ej).

Incluye: MuServer, source cliente, source gameserver e inicios de pagina web.


on: May 25, 2020, 01:38:10 AM 14 MuOnline / Season9 / IGC Server Suite S 9.5" from "IGC Sources

Muy buenas noches gente de tuserverMu... despues de largo tiempo les vuelvo a traer files de calidad ... esta ves le comparto IGC Server Suite S 9.5" from "IGC Sources..

dentro del archivo encontran
1) sources completo del main, game server, etc + la lib2) files del Servermu completos3) cliente full
estos files los testie y andan bien, pero se puede mejorar bastante.. tiene algunos bug minimos y se pueden agregar alas custom.. ya que contienen los codigos de base... entre otras cosas interesantes..
PD: No les subi imagenes porque ya hay bastante aportadas aqui.. espero les sirva! y antes que aclaren que son los mismo que aporto Natzuguen no lo son... estos son Files Season9 Ex901 - RageZone Project + Source. y los que les aporto IGC Server Suite S 9.5" from "IGC Sources. y verifiquen esto
Open "IGC Server Suite S 9.5" from "IGC Sources S9+Lib" and edit:

-Project Properties>C/C++>Aditional Include Directories (Change the file path with yours)
-Project Properties>Linker>AditionalLibrary Directories (Change the file path with yours)

Note: You need to change the path on every project (IGC.ConnectServer; IGC.DataServer; IGC.GameServer; IGC_DLL)


Note: Build IGC.dll (Release-Mixed platforms), Build GameServer, DataServer & ConnectServer (Release-x64), All compile in VS2015

Note: HexEdit client side: IGC.dll(IP), main.exe (IP) look for

Have Fun, and use the "Like" & "Reputation" Buttons to thanks me.

para mas aportes de calidad no se olviden enviarme mp o chequear mi perfil... buenas noches


on: May 21, 2020, 07:59:35 AM 17 MuOnline / Sources Generales / Fix Comando READD - By Emershow

The bug consists of when you type the command "/readd" to redistribute the points end up being redistributed in the wrong way, you return with 15 in all statuses and if you are a Dark LORD, you return with ZERO POINTS IN COMMAND ... WTF uashusahsauhsahusaha???

Avoid to fix you should use

Credits: Emershow


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