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on: September 29, 2018, 08:05:53 PM 1 MuOnline / Season6 / [Proyecto] Desert Season 6 - base MuEmu

Bueno, estaba algo aburrido y decidí retomar la season 6, por lo cual empezaré con estos files a realizar actualizaciones cada que pueda con base en el source de muemu lo mas parecido al Mu global por lo aparte de actualizaciones en customs y demás también subiré las configs.

No se publicara el código fuente de las futuras actualizaciones (source) por lo cual por favor no pidan que lo publique. Sin mas que decir acá dejo los files, herramientas y demás.


Spoiler for Hiden:


Spoiler for Hiden:
- GameServer.
- ConnectServer.
- DataServer.
- JoinServer.
- MHPServer.
- GetClientInfo.
- GetHackList.
- GetInternalList.
- GetMainInfo.
- MHPDetect.dll.
- MHPVerify.dll
- MHPClient.dll
- Client.dll.
- Main.dll.
- Main Unpacked.
- ImportToEmu.
- BmdDec.
- BmdFixer.
- MuShopEditor.


Code: [Select]
; Desert Project Season 6 - Mu Online
; Developer: Natzugen
; skype: warfoxdn
; Last review: 05.10.2018
; 29.09.2018
- New binaries.
- Fixed Encript.
- Removed license.
- Clean client.
- Remade Item.txt - Server and client.
- Gates remade - Server and client.
- Moves remade - Server and client.
- Terrains fixed.
; 01.10.2018 - Update 1
- Fixed plust stat points.
- Added Game master online notice.
- Added GuardMessage.
- Fixed Zyro talk.
- Fixed Tercia talk.
- Fixed Veina talk.
- Fixed gens quests.
- Fixed elf soldier quests.
- Fixed Gens Rank.
- Fixed arrows upgrade with jewel of bless.
- Fixed bolts upgrade with jewel o bless.
- Fixed arrows upgrade with jewel of soul.
- Fixed bolts upgrade with jewel o soul.
- Added VIP autoexpiration stored procedure.
- Added clear inventory command "/clearinv".
- Fixed DataServer SQL Inject.
- Added CustomDeathMessage.
- Added Marry System.
- Fixed SQL Inject in marry system.
- Fixed dupe in customstore.
- Fixed custom attack on reconnect.
; 31.09.2018 - Update 2
- Fixed ClearInventory Error message.
- Fixed JoinServer SQL Inject.
- Fixed Indulgence (item(13,60))
- Added check for personal store if is not open.
- Added warning PShop message in "gameserver - custom.dat".
- Fixed Jewel of bless for sword 41
- Fixed Repair Item for sword 41.
- Added GM Online Message.
; 01.10.2018 - Update 3
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Added Main Memory reduction.
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Remove Rage Fighter from MainInfo.ini.
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Remove summoner from MainInfo.ini.
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Remove Magic gladiator from MainInfo.ini.
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Added Dynamic effects support.
- [GetMainInfo][Main.dll] Added Custom font support.
; 05.10.2018 - Update 4
- [Client.dll] Client.dll migrated to Main.dll.
- [Main.dll] New Mouse controller.
- [Main.dll] New Keyboar controller.
- [Main.dll] New 3D camera F10 ON - OFF | F11 Restore.
- [Main.dll] New Chat separator.
- [Main.dll] New Traymode (minimizer) F12 SHOW - HIDE.
- [Main.dll] Added ObjectStruct.


- Microsoft c++ redistributables 2013.
- Sql server 2008 r2 o mayor.



Spoiler for Hiden:
1- Instalar SQL2008R2
2 - Restaurar Database : MuServer\DB\MuOnline.back
3 - Ejecutar ODBC : MuServer\DB\MuOnline64.reg
4 - Configurar ip en: MuServer\ConnectServer\ServerList.dat
5 - Configurar ip en: MuServer\Data\MapServerInfo.dat
6 - Abrir puertos TCP : 44405 (CS) - 55901 (GS)- 55919  (GSCS)- 55999 (MHP).


Spoiler for Hiden:
1 - Configurar ip en : Tools\GetMainInfo\MainInfo.ini
2 . Ejecutar: GetMainInfo.exe
3 - Copiar : MHPClient.dll - Main.dll - Client.dll - main.exe - main.emu  Y pegar en la capeta Tools\GetClientInfo
4 - Configurar ip en : Tools\GetClientInfo\ClientInfo.ini
5 - Ejecutar : GetClientInfo.exe
6 - Copiar : MHPClient.dll - Main.dll - Client.dll - MHPVerify.dll - main.exe - main.emu - ah.emu Y pegar en la carpeta del cliente

Encriptación de datos:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Cambiar customername en los siguientes archivos:

GameServer\Data\GameServerInfo - Common.dat
GameServerCS\Data\GameServerInfo - Common.dat

Cambiar en MHPServer.ini

EncDecKey1 = 4  // 1 a 255
EncDecKey2 = 6  // 1 a 255
EncDecSetNumber = 1


YolaXD (por algunas cosas del ellysium)

on: September 28, 2018, 07:33:15 PM 2 MuOnline / Herramientas / Pentium tools 1.09 v 2.0 - Windows 10

Bueno, como dice el titulo este el crack 2.0 del pentium tools para que pueda correr correctamente en win10 y maquinas virtuales.



on: September 23, 2018, 11:55:47 AM 3 MuOnline / Season6 / Files season6 Update13 (cracked)



Spoiler for Hiden:
Season 6 (Update 2)
Yes Itens +15
Yes Setvip Command
Yes Clear Inv.Command
Yes Marry Command
Yes Open ware Command
Yes Change class Command
Yes Change name Command
Yes Reward Command
Yes Info Command
Yes Ban Char Command
Yes Ban Acc Command
Yes Open event Command
Yes Cash Shop in-game
Yes Online Lottery
Yes Custom Moves
Yes Custom Summon
Yes Bot Buffer
Yes Run and Cat event
Yes Hide and seek event
Yes Quickly event
Yes HP Bonus System
Yes Die Message System
Yes Online User Message
Yes Online GM Message
Yes Desab. Exp Message
Yes Desab. Skill flinch
Yes /attack Use Time
Yes Special Encryption
100 Max Custom Wings
3000 Custom Static Effect
3000 Custom Dynamic Effect

Update 3
Yes MakeSet command
Yes Drop command
Yes Gift command
Yes Top command
Yes Remove OffSystem in Lottery
Not Pentagram accepts Jewel Socket
Yes CustomQuest System
Yes Russian Roullet event
Yes King of Mu event (update)
Yes /store Use time
Yes Reward BC with WC,WP,GP
Yes Reward DS with WC,WP,GP
Yes Reward CC with WC,WP,GP
Yes Marry command only for gm opt.
Yes Desab.Wing Mix(RF,DL,SU) opt.

Update 4
Yes Remov.Class(dl,su,rf)
Yes Custom Quiz event
Yes Need Ticket to change name
Yes Custom WingMix(Chaos goblin)
Yes Custom Death Message
Yes Custom Npc Colector
Yes Readd command (stats)
Yes Make command improved
Yes Custom Rank User
Yes Desab.Hp Bar Mosnter/Char
Yes JoinServer Anti-dupe
Yes Allow Pk enter in BC,DS,CC

Update 5
Yes GameServer new interface
Yes Close MessageBox in JS DS
Yes Russian Roullet event (v2)
Yes Run and Catch (v2)
Yes CusttomAttack Skill Delay
Yes CusttomAttack Potion Delay
Yes CusttomAttack Auto Buff
Yes CusttomAttack Allow on/off
Yes CusttomAttack Skill change
Yes CusttomAttack by map
Yes Pick Command
Yes Pk Item Drop System
Yes Auto logout online account
Yes Fix Move kalima 6 to 7
Not Fix PcPoint value

Update 6
Yes Event Time in GS
Yes Start BC in GS
Yes Start DS in GS
Yes Start CC in GS
Yes Start IT in GS
Yes BC Ranking Procedure
Yes DS Ranking Procedure
Yes CC Ranking Procedure
Yes IT Ranking Procedure
Yes Custom Combo Skill(All Class)
Yes Allow CS Skills use
Yes BuyVip IN-GAME
Yes Custom Ranking IN-GAME
Yes Remaster command
Yes Helper command
Yes Startbc command
Yes Startds command
Yes Startcc command
Yes Startit command
Yes Released 9 new mapas custom
Yes Released 10 new bows and crossbow
Yes Disable Reflect effect Option
Yes Auto Run and catch reward
Yes Auto Hide and seek reward
Yes Auto Russian roullet reward
Yes Auto Quickly reward
Yes Auto Lottery reward
Yes Fix Set item drop in eventitembag

Update 7
Yes Print Screen + logo
Yes RankUser by MasterReset, Reset or Level
Yes Description command
Yes New Command.txt structure
Yes Need coin to use a command option
Yes DisablePVP command
Yes Lock/Unlock command
Yes Fix Active MuHelper + CustomAttack at same time
Yes Fix duel message level
Yes Fix dead gates in custom maps
Yes Fix Start Events crash
Yes EventTime improvements
Yes Pick command improvements

Update 8
Yes Moveall command
Yes Moveguild command
Yes EventTime window
Yes Commands windows
Yes PvP Event(x1)
Yes KillAll Event
Yes Custom menu
Yes BuyVip - Add vip types qtd
Yes Add triple shot skill in /attack
Yes Fix DarkSpirit Attack in offpvp
Yes Gs event time update

Update 9
Yes Common Shop with Socket/Ancient Options
Yes Advanced ZenDrop System
Not PcPoint Shop with Socket/Ancient Options
Not Custom Store wich Cash/gold
Yes Command /SetCoin
Yes Command /Pack jewel
Yes Command /spot
Yes Command /startquiz
Yes Command /startdrop
Yes Command /startking
Yes Command /startvt
Not Custom Item Description
Yes Custom Sell/Buy Value in Common Shop
Yes Bloc words in change name
Yes Add MasterReset required in CustomMove
Yes Add New Dl/Elf Skills in /Attack
Yes CustomCombo improvements
Yes Team vs team Event
Yes Removed RankUser in Chaos Castle
Yes Removed disabled events in EventTime
Yes Fix Kriss lag
Yes Fix HpBonus Descrease life
Yes Fix RankUser Reward
Yes Fix Reload Event time

Update 10
Yes Add Fog effect
Yes Add Smoke effect
Yes Custom disable effects
Yes New MiniMap
Yes Fix Kalima + OffPvp
Yes Fix Store with time
Yes Fix Pack Jewels
Not Fix Angel and Devil wing glow
Yes Fix visual skills in attack
Yes Fix Repair All in BlackSmith
Yes Fix DarkSpirit in Offpvp

Update 11
Yes Add infinity arrow auto buff
Yes Add /attack auto resume
Yes Add Tvt Event Min/Max Users
Yes Add command notice if need coin to use
Yes Add Expire Date/Message in /banacc command
Yes Add Expire Date/Message in /banchar command
Yes Add auto remove ban
Yes Disable MiniMap with TAB
Yes Guild Warehouse
Yes Custom Monster/NPC
Yes Custom NPC name
Yes Custom Shops with same NPC
Yes Fix trade events with /re off
Yes Fix full zen bug trade+command
Yes Fix Gameserver maximize layout
Yes Fix PvP Event Respaw

Update 12
Yes Custom NPC move
Yes Custom Npc Command
Yes CustomCommandInfo V2
Yes Custom RankUser OverHead
Yes Custom Party Icon
Yes Trade Value
Yes Party Disable PK
Yes Anti SpeedHack Skill System
Yes Shop Confirm Box
Yes Update TvtEvent new requistes
Yes Add Auto Heal Skill in /Attack
Yes Add Global Password System
Yes Option to show Rankuser in all place
Yes Option to Hide Reset in Rankuser
Yes Option to Hide MReset in Rankuser
Yes Option to Change MReset name in Rankuser
Yes Disable Party HpBar option
Yes Increase CustomShops to 100
Yes Fixes in custom buy vip windows

Update 13
Yes GS and GSCS new interface
Yes MasterReset remove fixed resets
Yes Command Start Invasion
Yes Command Start Custom Arena
Yes Custom Quest Command (v2)
Yes Custom EventTime (v2)
Yes Custom Npc Quest
Yes Custom Npc Name up to 100
Yes Custom Pick (v2)
Yes Custom Pick Excelent
Yes Custom Pick SetItem
Yes Custom Pick Socket
Yes Enable Lucky item trade
Yes Disable Duel Restore HP
Yes Disable Duel Restore SD
Yes Require Reset/MResets to Server enter
Yes Add Reset/MasterReset Requisite on Create Character
Yes Fixes in MapServerMove
Yes Other fixes

aplicar el parche update 13 al update 12 y seguidamente pegar los gameserver cracked

credits: anonymouscrackteam


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Code: [Select]

* Quests Wz Normal/Evo

* Quests Season 5 ~ Season 6.3

* Custom Quests
- Make your own quest with our unique system/script lang for Custom Quests - Up to 256 Quests)
* WZ (GMO) Cash Shop

* Reset InGame

* Socket Items

* Lucky Items

* Auto Learn Skill

* Skill Tree for All Seasons

* Multi Warehouse

* Expanded Warehouse

* Expanded Inventory

* Black List (GS Firewall + GS Auto-AntiFlood)
- Prevent attackers from DDoS and Others.

* Gens

* Marry
- Marry system, unique and stable, fully customized with married NPC's.

* PCPoints

* Spawn Monsters InGame + Save Monsters

* Chaos Card

* Unique GM System

* Unique PvP System

* Reset
- Custom reset with LOT OF FEATURES, fully customized.

* Reset Master
- Custom reset with LOT OF FEATURES, fully customized (For Master Characters (3rd Evo)).

* Anti-AFK (In Game)
- Prevent long AFK in maps.
* News
- Annoucements and news from your server.
* Extra-Exp

* Auto-Exp
- AutoExp for players AFK in maps.
* WZ Official Helper (GMO Auto Click Bot)

* Custom VIP
- Accounting system for VIP, fully customized + VIPShop Bag (Command).

* Duel


* Battle Soccer

* Blood Castle

* Blue Event
- White rabbit event, fully customized.

* Boss Attack
- Invasion of X monsters, fully customized.

* Castle Siege

* Chaos Castle

* Cherry Blossom Event/System

* CryWolf

* Devil Square

* Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)

* Gens Close Map
- Battle of two factions, duprian and vanert for the control of an map, fully customized.

* Golden Invasion 1

* Golden Invasion 2

* Green Event
- Increase the probability of drop excellent items in server.
* Halloween
- You get an nice event for halloween with lot of fun and items, fully customized.

* Happy Hour
- More exp and drop for your players, fully customized.

* Hide And Seek Bot/Event
* Hit and Up
- Hit and up is an event make to fast level characters, from 1 to 2 or more levels by kill, fully customized.

* Kalima

* Kanturu

* Illusion Temple

* Imperial Guardian

* Loren Deep

* Lucky Penny Event/System
- exchange Coin of Luck items.

* Moss Merchant

* Racer Bot/Event

* Rain Item

* Raklion

* Red Dragon Invasion

* Sky Event
- Play on the sky, the most old and nice event in mu, fully customized.

* Summer Event
- The invasion of Fire Flame Ghost from Webzen with extra features.

* Swamp Event
- Swap official event from Webzen with extra features(Official + Custom Event).

* White Wizzard Invasion

* XMas Event
- Santa's Map with NPC's and items (Official + Custom Event).


* Bot Alchemist
- You can move attributes from a item to another item, fully customized.

* Bot Buffer
- You can make your BB buff characters like Elf Guardian using any buff skill, fully customized.

* Bot Hide And Seek
- No need an GM for teleport and play hide and seek with your players, with this bot is done, fully customized.

* Bot Pet 1
- Custimized PETS for players with trade features and skills, its level as an character companion, fully customized.

* Bot Pet 2
- Same as before, BUT you can give him items or skills, its levels as an character plus evolutions and related, fully customized.

* Bot Racer
- Make an special Race. You have start and end checkpoint, bot will stay days here, save all times in DB, when finish will give an item (with Bot Reward)
to TOP X players

* Bot Reward
- LIVE FEATURE: Give Rewards From DB to any player in game

* Bot Store
- You can create NPCS from the tin air with store capabilities, fully customized.

* Bot Trader
- Its an mix system, fully customized.

* Bot VipShop (Crystal Edition)
- New Shop ingame excellent for all Servers (FULLY CUSTOM + SELL ITEMS PER DAY FEATURE!!)

* Bot Warper
- Give him trade, he will Warp you to any point that you want.

Crystal Edition:

* Bot VipShop

* Ingame Special Shop

* Custom Tab (With Commands)

* Custom Wings

* Custom Items (With Custom Glow)

* Custom Jewels (Full Custom)

* Crystal Wall
- AntiCheat Client <=> Server

Titans Tech
- Custom Features Server Side for Administrators:

* Customized event timers
- Like EventManagement.dat but for all other events.

* Renamed Shops for easy configuration and events item bags.

* Dedicated folders for events, shop, monsters and each config.

* Less bandwith usage for Game Client, 1.5kb usage for each client connection.
* Less memory usage on GameServer.

* Titans Tech LinkServer (New App that have all WZ Programs + SCFExDB Inside - Except ChatServer)

+ 80% of less memory usage than official WZ or Other Teams Apps

* AND over 2000 config variables so you can custom your server (basic global like configuration is by default).

Titans Tech
- Basic client support.

* Latest Global Main with multilanguage support, spanish, english, portuguese and more.

* Auto Update with Titans Tech Connect Server working.


* New Jewels Packaging upto 30 Units:

+ Jewel of Chaos

+ Jewel of Life
+ Jewel of Creation

+ Jewel of Harmony

+ Jewel of Guardian

+ Low Refining Stone

+ High Refining Stone

* New Ancient Items

+ 3 new Rage Fighter Ancient Sets

+ 2 new Blade Knight Ancient Sets

+ 2 new Elf Ancient Sets

+ 1 new Magic Gladiator Ancient Set

+ 2 new Dark Wizard Ancient Sets

+ 2 new Summoner Ancient Sets

+ 1 new Dark Lord Ancient Set

* Max Stats: 65000 HOT

* 6 Characters - fully working

* Summoner Class
- fully working (Full/Original Skill Tree)

* 3 Classed Evaluation - BK/DW/ELF/Summoner

* 2 Classes Evaluation - MG/DL

* Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets

* Dark Lord Pets - 100% working

*Ancient Sets
- All original (including S5 Ep4 AND S6 EP2), Set Options

* Items upgrade up to +15 - NEW GLOW FOR +14/+15 Items

* All item options up to +28

* BK Blow of Destruction Combo

* Castle Siege event - 100% working

* Harmony System up to +13 Items

* Raklion Hatchery Event

* Socket System up to 5 level spheres

* 380 level Items - Pink Options (pvp in CS)

* Fruits System
* Season 4 & Season 5 skills AND Season 6 EP2 skills.

* Illusion Temple Event - Original, full featured

* Master Skill Tree for all classes

* Medusa Boss
* Moss The Gambler
- original.

* Volcano Map

* Cherry Blossom Quest
- with rewards

* Santa's Village

* New Sets, Weapond & Shileds
- Up to Season 5 Episode 4
* New Maps' extensions & Mobs for them
- Aida/Kanturu/Swamp of Calmness/Raklion

* Loren Market Map

* New small Wings system for Low level Characters

* All new skill icons
 - Up to Season 5 Episode 4

* Gens System - Full & original HOT

* Gens Quest System - Full & original HOT

* New Year Day Event MORE INFO

* Quest System - Full & original for Season 5 Episode 4 and Season 6 Episode 2 FULL

* Elf Buffer Npc

* Chocolate Box - Blue, Red, Pink

* Candy Box - Lilac, Vermillon, Deep Blue

* Ribbon Box MORE INFO

* Firecracker

* Heart of Love
* Gold Medals & Silver Medals

* Star of Sacred Rebirth

* GM Box

* Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80

* All in Game Pets MORE INFO

* Chaos Card MORE INFO

* And Many More


- MuServer 1.09G

- MuMaker [Compatible] 1.09G

- Client 1.09G

on: September 09, 2018, 03:41:14 AM 5 MuOnline / Season4 / MuEmu Season 4 Repack Zonya_- NEw

Versão 1.04.05 Season 4
New Evento Quiz
New Evento OnlineLottery
New Quests
New RankUser(Patentes)
New Death Monster Message
Limiti novas Wings 100 (22 Adicionadas)
Limiti novas Jewels 15 (9 Adicionadas)
Fix Recuo PVP(skill cyclone)
New NPC Colletor Jewels



Sistema de Patentes por resets                     //ON OFF Config.ini
sistema de info char                               //ON OFF Config.ini
Sistema de Ícone por classe com evolução           //ON OFF Config.ini
Sistema de Fog ( Nevoa nos mapas)                  //ON OFF Config.ini
Sistema TronGlow (Brilho ambiente do mu aumentado) //ON OFF Config.ini
Nova Fonte adicionada                              //Ajuste Config.ini
TimeBar ( Exibe horários do servidor )             //ON OFF Config.ini
InterfaceDrawMap (Adicionado caixa de mensagem que mostra qual mapa o char está)
Adicionado 5 Novos Mapas
DynamicEffect ( efeito dinamico nos itens )        // Limite 3000
StaticEffect ( efeito estatico nos itens )         // Limite 3000
Limiti novos itens 512 por  categoria ( adicionado 75 Kits )
Limiti novas Wings 100 (22 Adicionadas)
Limiti novas Jewels 15 (9 Adicionadas)
Custom Descrição (adiconado textos em alguns itens)
New HPbar (nova barre de hp dos mobs)
EffectItem (Duplicado efeitos em alguns itens)
Camera 3D ( F10 on/off F11 reset)
Auto Attack (F9 on/off)
Minimizador (F12 on)


Créditos programadores :

on: August 29, 2018, 12:08:38 PM 7 MuOnline / Interface / Select Server Wizard para Season 4 - Kapocha

Hoy les dejo el primer Select Server para el S4
es uno adaptado que había echo para el S6


Hay que tener en cuenta varias cosas.. Este select server esta mucho mas limitado en cuanto efectos porque no lo permite o tendré que averiguar mas y no es 100% igual al que había echo para el S6

Select Server original S6

on: August 12, 2018, 07:20:13 AM 9 MuOnline / Herramientas / Titan Editor Premium Para Files ANetworkMU


Configuracion rank mail
agregar rank a jugadores.
resetear cuentas
resetear server borra todo empiesa de 0


on: August 06, 2018, 05:03:04 PM 11 MuOnline / Season4 / MuServer Louis Up6 100%

//Desenvolvido por Louis ; Uns comandos Arrumados por By>Pro-Yoshi
//Versão Premium
// UPDATE 6 BY Pro-Yoshi

Ultimos updates:

- Add Itens Level +15  (Season 4)           OK
- Add Info Command               OK            
- Add Change Name Command             OK
- Add BanAcc Command               OK
- Add BanChar Command               OK
- Add DynamicEffect in Main (S4/S6)          OK
- Add Max Use Time in Attack command          OK
- Add Option to disable Online User/GM Message      OK
- Add Event Hide and Seek            OK
- Add Event Run and Catch            OK
- Add option to disable exp message on kill mob      OK
- Change MaxCustom Wings to 150          OK
- Fix Money remove when use ResetTable system.       OK
- Fix Socket jewel aplly in no socket item      OK
- Fix CustomEffect problems in Main.dll       OK
- Fix remove BC,DS,IT invite             OK
- Fix Skill elf on /attack             OK
- Fix Clear Effects on change class         OK
- Fix /store bless Crash (Season 6)          OK
- Add Custom Summon on Kill Mob            OK
- Evento Veloz                  OK
- /openevent /join               OK
- Disable/Enable Skill Effect (Ex:Cyclone)      OK
- Add Custom exp on Offattack and Autoreset      OK

- Add MakeSet Command                OK
- Add Drop Command                OK
- Option to Remove Offstore/offattack in OnlineLottery   OK
- Jewel of socket Aply in pentagram (Season8)   OK
- ADD gift command               OK
- Add Custom Quest System         OK
- Add Russian Roulette Event         OK
- Add Max Use Time in Store command    OK
- New King of Mu Event            OK
- Add Reward Coins in BC,DS,CC         OK
- add /toprr /topmr etc            OK
- Somente gm fazer o casamento      OK
- Disable Wing Mix Class            OK

- Remove Class in Main (RF,SU,DL)      OK
- Custom Auto Quiz Event            OK
- Need ticket to change name Option (S6/S8)   OK
- Custom WingMix (Chaos Mix)            OK
- Custom Death Message               OK
- Custom Npc Collector (trade items per Coins)   OK
- Readd point command               OK
- Advanced Make itens (/make, /drop, /makeset)   OK
- Custom Rank User System (S4,S6)         OK
- Disable HP Bar of Monster or User Option      OK
- Updated JoinServer to fix dupes         OK
- Allow Pk enter in events (BC,CC,DS)         OK

Creditos Louis
            By Pro-Yoshi

Sorry, but I find it simpler to speak English than Spanish.


UPDATE 07/08/2018





AGUST 10/08/2018 UPDATE 5
- add echarfull command                                 OK
- add sair      command                                 OK
- add selechar  command                                 OK
- add compro    command                                 OK
- add vendo     command                                 OK


- more custom invasion change to 500                    OK
- comand Onlines                                        OK
- comand comandojogo                                    OK
- comand InfoVIP                                        OK

update message Main.Premium

dance dance dance dance dance dance

on: August 01, 2018, 08:03:27 AM 13 MuOnline / Season6 / MuServer Season 6 Update 4.2

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1. DataServer Change
DataServerODBC = MuOnlineS6 Change For MuOnline
2. JoinServer Change
JoinServerODBC = MuOnlineS6 Change For MuOnline

Comando SetVip                  YES
Comando Limpar Inv.                YES
Comando Marry                  YES
Comando Abrir baú               YES
Comando Mudar Classe               YES
Comando Premiar                 YES
Comando PremiarAll               YES
Comando Info                 YES
Comando Ban char               YES
Comando Ban Acc                 YES
Comando Abrir evento               YES
Comando MakeSet(Novo)               YES
Comando Drop(Novo)               YES
Comando Top(Novo)               YES
Comando Presente(Novo)               YES
Sorteio Online                 YES
Custom Moves                 YES
Custom Summon                 YES
Custom Quests(Novo)               YES
Evento Rei do MU reformulado (Novo)         YES
Evento Roleta Russa (Novo)           YES
Evento Pega Pega               YES
Evento Esconde Esconde               YES
Evento Veloz                 YES
HP Bonus System                 YES
Die Message System               YES
Online User Message               YES
Online GM Message               YES
Desabilitar Exp Message               YES
Desabilitar Recuo da Skill           YES
Tempo no comando /store(Novo)           YES
Tempo no comando /attack           YES
Support GS User: 100
Max Custom Wings               100         
Max Custom Static Effect           3000         
Max Custom Dynamic Effect           3000     
Encriptação especial               YES
Necessário Autenticação               YES
Funções especiais no GS               YES
Fix remover convite (BC,DS,IT,CC)         YES
Fix /store dupe                 YES
Fix Max skill power do BOT buffer         YES
Fix Duel Level minimo               YES
Fix Dataserver Inject               YES
Fix /store cliente Crash           YES
Fix Custom Jewel of Socket*           YES
Fix Remover Zen no Reset Tabelado         YES
Fix Elf /attack                 YES
Desabilitar Mix de Asas (DL,SU)(Novo)         YES
Desabilitar DL,SU no Cliente(Novo)         YES
Disable Static Effect YES
Disable Dynamic Effect YES
Disable Skill Effect YES
Custom Bow Support Is ID: 100-121
Combo Class ALL
Fonts Yes
SmokerEffect Yes    
Local Time Yes
Server Time Yes

MuHelper Fix
MuServer/Data Copu This Files here!UIBXgIjS!63lLUYJ2KViojhq7jbOTuT26BBTSmSQhw91uSfBHVDM

GameSErverCS Fix!QV43WaCR!Zt91dCJ62zQutAZ3i3i6an2iWIn5X4s1UHGwyeRAhbo

Louis Update 4

on: July 13, 2018, 09:11:29 PM 14 MuOnline / Herramientas / Scripts Lua - xTeam / MUEMU

Hola amigos de TSM, el dia de hoy vengo a compartir con ustedes los scripts LUA para quienes utilizan un MuServer de xTeam o MUEMU, espero que los disfruten!!




on: July 11, 2018, 08:24:06 PM 16 MuOnline / Season6 / zTeam Season 6 - 100% Estable [GX Dev]

Hola amigos de TSM, el dia de hoy vengo a compartir con ustedes estos files, quizas ya un poco viejos, pero va a ser de lo mejor para montar un servidor estable, todos sus eventos funcionan al 100% ademas de que estos ServerFiles poseen muchas configuraciones lado servidor como para ambientar bastante sus servidores y dar una exelente jugabilidad a sus players!!!

Changelog by GlobalExtreme BR


-Fix Doppelganger [GS]


-Fix SD & AG Boost (Item Period) [GS]
-Fix Summon Monster ELF [GS]


-Fix New Wings Mix Fail [GS]
-Added 4thWings Mix File Config [GS]/[DATA/CUSTOM/CustomWing.cfg]


-Added Balance System PVP [GS]/[DATA/CUSTOM/BalanceSystem.ini]
-Added Item Option Attack Fenrir [GS]/[DATA/CUSTOM/ItemOption.ini]
-Fixed Character Create (AntiHack) [GS]
-Fixed Summoner Create Character Card [GS]
-Fixed Priest Devin Transparency [GS]
-Rewrite Doppelganger Error [GS]
-Rewrite Elf Summon Error [GS]
-Fixed Drop Zen 0 (zero) [GS]
-Added new Sphere Item [GS]/[Data/Local/Eng/Item_eng.bmd]/[Item.txt]/[Commonserver.cfg]
-Added New Summoner Set (Queen) [GS]/[Data/Local/Eng/Item_eng.bmd]/[Item.txt]
-Fixed DL Pet Leveling [GS]/[QUERY]
-Added LuckyItem In Trade [CommonServer.cfg]
-Added Windows 2003 Support [GS]
-Fixed Rage Fighter Create Character Card [GS]/[DATASERVER]/[QUERY] 


-Fixed RF Create Character Card [GS]/[DATASERVER]
-Fixed ItemToolTip QueenSet [DATA/LOCAL/(LANG)/ItemToolTip.bmd
-Fixed Mail System [GS]
-Fixed Illusion Temple [GS]
-Fixed DarkSide Skill Rewrite Full Func [GS]
-Fixed Illusion Temple Ranking [QUERY]
-Fixed Lucky Coin Register [QUERY] / [commonserver.cfg]
-Fixed ImperialGuardian Ranking [QUERY]
-Fixed Doppelganger Ranking [QUERY] 


-New Wings Effect [zClient]
-ServerTime Added [zClient]/[DATA/CUSTOM/INTERFACE/TimeBoard.ozt
-Fix Golden Tantalos & Golden Lizard [GS]
-Fix Mercenary Guild Quest [DATA/Quest_Ep20.lua] (nao funciona o resto, precisa programar)
-Fix Illusion Temple File [DATA/EVENT/IllusionTemple.dat]/[TTLCI.dll]
-Fixed Kundun Monster Drop Item (Config File Added) [Commonserver.cfg]
-Added Gold Channel Ticket [GS]/[QUERY]/[zDataServer]
-Added Vip System like Original GMO [GS]/[zGameServer/Serverinfo.dat]
-Fixed Mini-Wings [GS]
-Added Relogin System [GS]/[zClient] 


-Removed Gold Channel Ticket [GS]/[zDataServer]
-Encoder Added
-zClient Fix 


-Fixed /makeitembyname GS Crash [GS]
-Fixed Time [GS]/[Time.ozt]/[zClient.dll]
-Fixed Item Name (ancient and socket) [TTLCI.DLL]/[zClient.dll]
-Remove LuckyItemTrade [GS]/[Commonserver.cfg]
-Fixed Create RF & Sum Level [GS]
-Fixed Pet Absorve Damage Percent [GS]
-Fixed Mercenary Guild Quest [GS]/[Lua] (thx webmonkey)
-Added MixOption System [GS]/[Data/Custom/MixOption.txt]
-Fixed Wing Mix Success Rate [GS]/[MixOption.txt]
-Main Server & Local Time Change [zClient.dll]
-Fixed Period Item Time [GS] 


-Fixed Offtrade [GS]/[Custom/Offtrade.txt]/[zClient.dll] (thx very much webmonkey)
-Fixed Berseker skill complete [GS] (thx webmonkey)
-Added Soul in Offtrade [GS]
-Added wCoin in Offtrade [GS]
-Fixed Offtrade (added Delay) [GS] 


-Fixed Offline Trade GS CRASH [GS]
-Offtrade fully completed "like" GMO [GS]
-Added ItemLuckDropPer Config [GS]/[Commonserver.cfg]
-Fixed Imperial Guardian TRAPS [GS]
-Fixed Imperial Guardian Message if no Party [GS 


-Fixed Account max leght 10 [GS]
-Added Config for Gold Channel [GS]/[Serverinfo.dat]/[VipSystemFolder]/[zDataServer]
-Added Config for AutoReconnect [GS]/[Custom/AutoReconnect.ini] 


-Added Auto Start MuHelper [GS]/[AutoReconnect.ini]
-Fixed GameShop Max Package [GS]
-Added Bless,Chaos,Life,Creation in Offtrade [GS]/[Custom/Offtrade.txt]
-Added Discount Tax for wCoin method in offtrade [GS]/[Custom/Offtrade.txt]
-Added MuHelper Min Level Use [GS]/[zClient.dll]/[Commonserver.cfg]
-Fixed Kriss selling in shop cause client crash [zClient.dll]
-Added Custom Vip System in Same Server [GS]/[zDS]/[Custom/CustomVipSystem.ini]


-Fixed SQL Inject [DS]
-Fixed Vip Type Item Buy [GS]
-Fixed Tab key in login screen [zClient.dll]
-Changed Items to Mix lvl4 Wings [GS]/[zClient]/[Data/Custom/Item]/[mix.bmd]


- MuServer Update 12

- Update 13 [ Mu Server / Client ]

- Client Full Update 12




brahian1536 & RZ [For Fix DataServer Inject]


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on: June 19, 2018, 07:55:11 PM 17 MuOnline / Interface / LoginBox Gold Skull + PSD

Login Gold Skull

De regalo les dejo el PSD para que en donde dice "Mu Online" pongan el Nombre de su mu, la fuente de llama NEXT ART



Diseño: (?
Adaptación: GGloudD

on: June 07, 2018, 10:36:53 PM 18 MuOnline / Herramientas / MuAdministrator by Pinkof

Con el debido respeto  hacia el usuario @Pinkof  vengo a dar su herramienta para files Titan Tech llamado MuAdministrator version 1.3

///////////////Changelog MuAdministrator 1.3////////////////////////

Fix change password with md5
Fix VipManager
Add MainCalculator Tools.
Add Option for add zen to a character.

me encuentro con que el editor de conejo ya no funciona despues de que lo banearon asi que aca esta la solucion el mismo editor premium funcional
Gratis nuevamente
- Rediseño de la edicion de items
- Soporte TitanTech y MuEmu
- Agregado algunas funciones nuevas como Castle Siege.
- Fixeado errores al crear cuenta y personajes.
- Agregado Opcion de editar los items por defecto al crear PJ.
- Las imagenes de los items ahora se cargan desde la carpeta.

- Compatibilidad 100% con sockets muemu.
- Evolucion de Rage Fighter corregida.

clave rar


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on: May 24, 2018, 06:02:21 PM 20 MuOnline / Herramientas / Mu ToolBox 1.06

Acá dejo esta Herramienta muy útil y sencilla de utilizar la verdad sirve de mucha utilidad, sirve para crear Terrains del lado del Server  y para abrir algunos archivos BMD.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Mu Toolbox 1.06
Por ahora sirve para:
Editar Text BMD
Editar Gate BMD
Editar MoveReq BMD
Exportar archivo Gate BMD --> gate.txt (de servidor)
Exportar archivo MoveReq BMD --> movereq.txt (de servidor)
Convertir objetos 3D .BMD a .SMD
Convertir Terrenos del cliente (EncTerrain .att) a Terrain .att de servidor



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