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We provide server files of Season 6 Episode 3

New era server files with possibility to downgrade this server files into any Season you like.
Disable Summoner and Ragefighter with ease. Everything configurable by administrators of servers.

Server files based on X-Team Server Files

Server information:

The ability to exclude from gameplay, characters, Summoner & Rage Fighter. The ability to tailor a server running the old version by disabling a new feature in the 6th season. On our Season you can easily make new Chaos Goblin Mixes, Custom Invasions, easily add new Custom Monsters and Worlds. There's alot of things you can't gain in free or any other server-files.
Our game-client got unique and great addons like: high resolution support, anti-alsing mode, bloom effect as TronGlow, additional User-Panel in which you can easily manage what need to be turned on or off, Fog mode (field of distance), additional in-game timer, item smoke (effects) systems and effects system configurable by your own for weapons, shields and new and old wings and more!

Dynamic system of gaining experience;
You can easily setup and dynamic experiance for each level, reset and more. Here's some example what actually you can make on your own game-server:
0 - 5 rr = 9000 experiance gained
6-10 rr = 5000 experiance gained
11-15 rr = 1000 experiance gained
16-20 rr = 200 experiance gained
21-30 rr = 20 experiance gained

Welcome players system;
Offline leveling is the ability to pump your character in offline mode;
You can set-up you character into offline mode. Character in offline mode will be grinding even if your PC if turned off. There's setting file in which you can set-up the payments for /offexp or even which items /offexp should pick-up from the ground. OffEXP is new generation module which will allow alot of players to play while they're in job or school.

Offline trade - an opportunity to trade offline.
With new custom UI you can easily open new custom stores (with new values like: Bless, Soul, Life or even special points)

ReConnect System (reconnect if disconnected);
Fully working reconnect system will allow you to join after server restarts or even on WiFi disconnection, no matter of customs or configuration.'

Buff Info System;
MUOnline is advanced, for now, when you buy this brand fresh package you'll have access to new Buff Information System which will show all Bufs made on you'r character, even class, event ot premium buffs!

Simple Quest System;
With new NPC you can easily, via configuration file add new Quests obtainable step by step by your character. Setup your own quests, quanity of mobs and your own story with easy and understandable configuration file.

Unique Modules:

The ability to add monsters to the server (NPCs, Monsters, Boss);
The ability to add new Worlds - from higher Seasons like X, XII, XIV
The ability to allocate bosses unique color of HP bar;
The ability to add new Weapons and Armors,
The ability to add new effects to old and custom weapons, wings or sets,
The ability to setup weapons position - like Crossbow, Magic Gladiator Blades, etc.
The ability to add new Rage-Fighter Gauntlets,
The ability to add new Pets and Companions,
The ability to add the effect of smoke on the sets;
Event Drop (drop stones, things, at certain times at any location);
Zen Drop (flexible drop Zen on the locations)

New HP bars for monsters and players:

Bar is showing player level;
Information about amoung of health-points

Full name of Monster;
Monster level (very useful for monsters configuration);
Information about amoung of health-points

Ability to select a certain mob a certain color of HP bar, inscription (for example, invasion and custom monsters can have different bar color to make it look unique).
You can set-up different color for Bosses, and other for Invasions or special monsters - these addon can be used with normal mobs, not only with these custom added.
The HP bar will change color depending on the amount of HP.

In-game Quests and events:

Quests and Events are bugless up to Season 6, you can easily Set-up original Events and make your own with our customizable and unique config. Add different mobs, colors, groups and custom invasions to make your server unique.

Imperial Fort Event
Double Goer (Doppelganger)
Castle Siege
Loren Deep
Devil Square (1-7)
Blood Castle (1-8)
Chaos Castle (1-7)
Illusion Temple Event
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
Rabbits Invasion
Pouch of Blessing Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Battle Soccer
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaColen Event
And the possibility to add own events and invasions

Working special Events:

Santa Village Event
Halloween Event
New Year Day Event
And the possibility to add own events and invasions

Lottery Events:

Lucky Coin
Lucky Items System
Rena Event
Chaos Card
Moss The Gambler
And so on to configure your own coins and rewards

Box and special events:

Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink)
Heart of Love
Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue)
Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red)
Golden and Silver Medals
Start of Sacred Rebirth
GM Box
Cherry Blossom (Gold)
Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes
And the possibility to add own boxes and rewards

The ability to add own Custom Boxes. You can easily set new EvenItemBag. You can add new models and tranform it into special boxes, there's no limit. With clear and easy config files everyone can make it by own!
Side Features:

Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
Loren Market Location
Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
Original Mini Maps
Gens System with Gens Chat Support
Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
Full completed skill tree for all races
Fruits System
Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
Mu Helper BOT System
Marry System
Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80
And so on..

Unique User panel:

News (News in the game);
You can write news which will be shown in-game

Vote (Vote in the game);
You can add Toplists into game. This will force players to vote on your server.

HP Bar (On / Off);
Easily turn on or off HP Bar in-game, there's no need to change config file.

3D Camera (On / Off);
3D Camera (Down to camera settings);
Easily manage your 3D Camera in-game.

Effects (On / Off Effects);
Turn on or disable all effects in-game like TronGlow, AA, Bloom etc.

Fog (On / Off Effects fog);
Turn on or disable fog in-game.

Time (On / Off);
You can manage your timer easily.

Reset Master (To do reset in the game);
Grand Reset Master (Make a Grand Reset in the game);
PK Clear (Cleaning murder);
Change Class;
OffExp (Offline leveling);
OffTrade (Selling things offline for Credits, WCoinC, WCoinP, GoblinPoints);
Buy Vip (Buying a VIP account in the game);
Pack New Jewels (Packaging new Jewels in packs of 10, 20, 30 stacks).

Three types of Premium system (VIP Account):

Increases Experience;
Enhances the Experience of Master LVL;
Increases The Drop;
You can adjust the drop of Zen;
You can set the number of LVL will be needed to reset;
You can set the number of Zen which will need to reset;
You can set up to what LVL will give Elf buffer;
Adjust Max stats;
Character creation what LVL it is (MG, DL, Sum, RF);
Rewarded with Goblin Points, WCoinC, WCoinP, Credits for time in the game;
Setting sharpening Jewels (Soul, Life, Harmony);
Setting sharpening in Chaos machine;

Buying donate items/sets for loans, and to sell to the store with a loss of interest;
Setup list of all the things, options, prices.
New Jewels added:

Jewel Of Level
Jewel Of Luck
Jewel Of Skill
Jewel Of Option
Jewel Of Ancient
Jewel Of Excellent
Jewel Of Socket

There's possibility to add your own Jewels. Flexible config file allow you to make more powerfull and unique Jewels in MUOnline world. Decide by own what option Jewel need to change. Want to have extra Jewel which will make item Ancient, Full Option and Sockets? No problem!
LTP Game-Client:
3D Camera;
The game clock;
Chat separately from experience;
The glow effect on cards;

Support wide-format resolution;

Distance display objects;
Trey fashion information when you minimize the client;

Normal chat (who is within sight);
Private chat;
Post chat;
Party chat;
Guild chat;
Alliance chat;
Information on the achievement of the 400-level;

Fixed all visual bugs with display of values above 65535;
Fixed attack speed on all the article;
Smoothing textures;
The fog in the game;
The exclusive bar of the character to work with new modules.
Anti-cheat System
Revised anti-cheat system will allow you to add your own dump's of dangerous and hacking software. Anti-cheat system is server sided so everyone who's connected to MHP (anti-cheat) can enter the game-server (into game), if MHP will kick some player because of speedhack or other hacking software, the player will not enter via game-server.
You can set your own speed-limits, MHP is flexible for every server with every rates, no matter how much resets or stats points you'll give to max-out the top players.

And more Custom Premium Module :D


License Register:
Make Your License Here

I do not recommend buying an original license
Creative is a lazy Russian who has everything and everyone in the ass.
He treats every customer differently
Technical support is practically non-existent
Updates take place once a year or not at all

Good files on the server a lot of possibilities but when if only for free!!!

LTP-Team (Creative)
by crack: Evilek


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Hola a todos de TSM.
Sin controversia todos lo sabemos que no hay nada muy interesante en estos archivos.
Los cuales se venden por aproximadamente U$D 300 lo que se considera un SCAM.
Así que decidí lanzar para aquellos que tienen la licencia PREMIUM de @louis poder usar de forma gratis.



Haz un buen uso y espera que te ayude en tus desarrollos

Credits: @louis @elson @emersonx13


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on: April 28, 2020, 08:57:54 PM 5 MuOnline / Sources Generales / Notice Main Class

Hi folks, it is me again

Now i will release a class to generate main notices (Same as you can send in a fixed GameServer, but in client side)
You can send messages at top of screen, blue  messages, red messages, center messages gold blue and more.

I think will help you to send messages without usage of GameServer, only pure code in main

Someone can make a video of this working to.
Also do not ask-me how add or replace losing things, you shoud know how to replace some functions or others!


on: April 28, 2020, 08:39:48 PM 6 MuOnline / Sources Generales / Fix Cursor Position on NPP/Shop Open

It is me now, this will fix cursor position when open an NPC in game.
To avoid double click and buy item when shop opens.

Tecnically speaking, i get current game window position to calculate where the cursor will be set.
So this fix SetCursorPos from main

That fix only works in window mode, since in full screen mouse position is alread fixed!

Someone can post a vídeo with fix and without fix?
Thanks again

Aquí hay uno más que es de interés para muchos.
Como la persona que programó me permitió publicar esto, lo pondré a su disposición totalmente gratis...
Mira el video, Cuando haces clic en el personaje, se genera una animación.
Espero que esto ayude a tu desarrollo. Y di no al monopolio!

Credits: @smiley


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Hola amigos de TSM, como dice el titulo. Este es el Repack de @elson NH Server, Downgrade para Season 3 y esta en ultimo update 22.
Lo compré con mi dinero y vengo aquí para que esté disponible de forma gratuita.
Espero que te guste y te ayude en tu desarrollo y en breve trago de 6.15. Muchas gracias a todos

Credits: @elson @louis @emersonx13




on: April 25, 2020, 02:52:25 PM 10 MuOnline / Pets / Pet Fairy Blue

Demo :

Download :
Pass :
Credits : Zanclair & Me
Hola a todos mas una vez. Ahora compartilhando algo interesante, creo que muchos nunca viram este custom.
Bien, desfruten y usen con sabedoria. Saludos a todos de TSM e felicidads con sus desarolos.


Credits: Emershow


on: April 16, 2020, 09:34:06 AM 12 Diseño grafico / MuOnline / Dragonic loading screen

Another dope loading screen with the Dark Knight as star xD next one will be with Dark Wizard.

Feel free to use it and don't be a ashole and rip it or hide my mark. Show me some appreciation and like my Facebook design page or watch me on DeviantArt (links in my profile) ;)

Download link:

on: April 16, 2020, 07:28:43 AM 13 MuOnline / Kits / Kit War 2.0 [MuAway] ByUnnamedSk

Muy buenas gente de TSM, acá les traigo un Kit que parece puede ser liberado en un futuro. Hay muchas maneras de conseguir este Kit, ya sea ripeándolo o haciéndolo desde 0. En mi caso lo hice desde 0 a todos los modelos ya que no contaba con alguien que me mostrara los items por trade y si lo ripeaba por mi cuenta los modelos se deformaban a tal punto de ser irreconocibles.

Este Kit solo contaba con ciertos items. Decidí añadir por mí cuenta algunos items más con la misma temática, los cuales son:

- Set Feminio (Elf/Sum)
- Sword (MG)
- Staff (SM)
- Bow (ELF)
- Scepter (DL)

Sin más les dejo el kit con algunas imágenes.

Set Masculinos y Femeninos War 2.0

Wings War 2.0

Las alas no las pude obtener.

Weapons War 2.0

Weapon BM War 2.0

Weapon MG War 2.0

Weapon DL War 2.0

Weapon SM War 2.0

Weapon ELF War 2.0

Weapon RF War 2.0

Weapon SHIELD War 2.0

Pet War 2.0

Tiene incluido un Fenrir pero no tengo imágenes del mismo.

Todas las Weapons y Wings cuentan con efectos estáticos y los Pets aún no tienen.

Efectos Shield Eliminé por error el Archivo .txt

Spoiler for Hiden:
Code: [Select]
//Efeitos Estaticos - Shield of War 2.0
INDEX       32380 0   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 1   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 2   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 3   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 4   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 5   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 6   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 7   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 8   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 9   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 10   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 11   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 14   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 15   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 16   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 19   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 20   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 21   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 26   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 28   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 29   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.3    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 12   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 13   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 17   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 18   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 22   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 23   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 24   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 25   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 27   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 30   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 31   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0
INDEX       32380 32   0 1.00     0.5     0.0    0.5    0.0    0.0


Actualizar Winrar a última Versión.

Espero les haya gustado este aporte, la verdad me costó recrear todos los modelos desde 0. Lamento liberar este Kit porque un usuario lo adquirió pagando de manera monetaria pero prefiero liberarlo antes de que otro lo haga. drogado




flavions14, vipermu, flaremu, sooka, acc02game, lokogordo, tiki99, xlockee, kap, harry130, chechito1991, Lordcety, Xomano, adryan, Gabriel-Hauptmann, adrenalina, C4nn4b1s, Kapocha33, lolz3976, Level5, lckblack, josefh95, The Gamer, azuli, weberson, hen, Ultima, dieguitox, yhoon, abelito, 0971517666, Sonequinha, Vytautas22, ansher006, nemesis28, Gunnar, zmadblack, felipebt1, gmuonline, alexandrelima, julianoaj,, liu008, elasesino1, darkcaido, c4nhsatcodong, mario12, nikolas775, brayandarkanes, testemureconnect, 353535l, Templario89, xx5400, gpaixao, dreick, leonarding, kind, jonasg, cri0, dhylaan, GUNS, stark98, ballas, mastermcy, dendi, w44965164, 03071994, Comadon, lorhans, axeman192, dunky2026, GuilhermeSouza, kyssys, brunointer, renansmoke, Goplay, caxapok, mulosena97, Wilker, Pyke, bhilou, remamakiller, jaysondang, geanxd89, mututhan, keikanvnn, Avatar111, sigrev, testt, lorinho, bigmed, ailsoncost, Gangalee, GATITO, Ygormsa, muexiled, jumongski, falcongti, deneraguiar,, neto66, BaTmaaN, marvin540, elson, Cross!, vitinhosl, zehel62, xxyatsenxx, diek123, ZabiinoOo, drynea, SaintZeus, voolking, dlgstone87, 6atters, piscis007, EvertonSc, Hoangsy99, fang7352, iCoder, Murilo, murcielago, Gohanx123, mundomuc, spartacus, Garo, nattan, neicer,, lkt22, matheusgom, danillodsd, Luke Strike, Nelsinhohj, quimimaru, allhoy, wallaceh, talisson, dinomat, jones1010, npt.formu, pedrob, marlonbdr, kingbr, danarius123, panchokkck, arconde

on: April 10, 2020, 12:05:05 AM 14 MuOnline / Season8 / X-Team FREE Emulator Season 8 Episode 3

Acabo de probarlas y levantan bien dejo el cliente preparado con las files como yo lo levante para que no tengan problema, el que coloco las files no dejo dato alguno de sus problemas asi que es para testear amigos y ire subiendo la información.

Colocar su IP.
Ruta de archivos: C:\MuServer\Data

Ruta de archivos: C:\MuServer\ConnectServer

Dentro del cliente buscan la carpeta Tools van a encontrar 2 carpetas con el nombre MAIN_INFO y AH_INFO

Buscan los archivos

Y colocan su IP o NOIP

Y colocan su IP o NOIP

Y le dan doble click a GetMainInfo.exe
Y doble click a GetAhInfo.exe
Dependiendo en la carpeta donde se encuentren

Pegan en el cliente y reemplazan los archivos creados

Ya una vez puesto todo deben dar doble click a game.exe y deberia arrancar sin problemas y conectarse.



WebZen, X-Team, MuEmu, AnonOps

on: April 07, 2020, 09:00:52 PM 15 General / Aportes VIP / Dump.list Generator

 Hi guys I will share to you the dumb.list generator so that you can block cheat in MHP Antihack

How to use this tools is very easy
First open the folder gethacklist and add to Dump what hack you need to block
Then open GetHackList and wait to generate new code Dump open with notepad the Dump copy the code and go to D:\MuServer\MHPServer\Data same open with notepad Dump.List copy and paste de code and now the anti-hack block the new hack

Enjoy   relax relax

on: March 19, 2020, 06:49:33 AM 17 MuOnline / Season6 / [Files] GAMINGMASTER + REPACK MUEMU S6

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2020 (GMT-5)
Hora en Ciudad de México, CDMX


Ocultar y Mostrar MINIMAP Y TIMEBAR CON F4&F5











Code: [Select]
// MasterCodec Season 6 - Mu Online
// Developer: MasterCodec [Takumi12]
// Last review: 18.04.2020
- 5 PuglinName Liberados
- Downgrade Ex700 - Legend
- Custom Crossbows Index [4 25] to [4 70]
- Marlon Teleport (2) Minutos
- Dragon Invasión Effect SWITCH ACTIVE/DESACTIVE
- Downgrade Interface S2/S3
- Custom SelectChar S3
- Post Item (SHELL)
- Monitor FPS/MS [Ping]
- Custom Gloves max 100
- Custom Pets max 300
- Fix PostItem + Interface Custom
- Advanced status
- Limit FPS [25,30,34]
- View Monster,Npc,Party,Players in minimap
- Change Items Guard, Elf Buff [Testing]
- Custom Map Name,Respaw,Music,MiniMap[Testing]
- Fix CustomMonster TripleKIll [UP13 LOUIS]
- Limit FPS Increment to [25,30,34,40]
- Effect Wings LEVEL 4
- Mix Wings level 4
- Fix CustomBow Rechange Arrows
- Fix CustomClaws Position
- Fix CustomPet Position
- Add Position in CustomBow
- Add CustomEfectRemake
- Add Stadis Character v[s2/s3].
- Opcion para desactivar funtions s6 para downgrade.
- agregado interface 99 sin SD.
- agregado soporte hasta 96 mapas index[0 - 95].
- respawnlocation para mapas custom.
- Fix Error no visualizaba coordenadas en interfaces downgrade.
- se agrega soporte de mapas custom hasta 100
- Se agrega Soporte para Música de mapas custom
- Se agrega soporte para Nombres de Mpas Personalizados
- Se agrega Soporte de Efectos y Animación para mapas personalizados.
- Custom Cloak 100%
- Custom Close Store
- Soporte Max. 100 custom acc
- Move + Nixie Spirit evento boss
- ItemValue.txt lado cliente para wings index mayor a 260
- Fix MasterSkill Interface ex700 poderes en blanco
- Fix Skill DL, RF, MG interface ex700
- Fix Barra Upgrade Ex700 Barra negra en ventanas
- Fix Credits en select char.
- Fix Score Duel con interface ex700
- Fix Custom Pet + healt buff
- Cambia formato de FPS + ARP
- CustomInfoItemEx
- Fix Visual Limite en defensa y ataque
- CustomACC max 100
- MasterSkill S15 (Testing)
- Fix CustomBow y CrossBow
- Fix Skill UPPERCOUT disconect
- Fix CustomACC.
- Fix Custom Gloves IndexL & IndexR.
- Expands CustomMonster Index.
- Agregado de Monster respecto al Mapa Custom.
- Remove CustomEffectPet.
- Fix CustomCloak + Kriss.
- Corrección de Item_eng.bmd con Item.txt.
- Se Agrega Custom Scroll desde servidor.
- Se Agrega CustomNPCTALCK desde Servidor.
- Fix CustomPet Refresh + Kriss
- Se agrega Switch para quitar barra de hora [F4]
- Se agrega Switch para quitar minimap [F5]
- Select Char S13
- Se agrega Inventario UPGRADE
- Animación en SelectChar
- Se Fixea Summon Scroll 100%
- Fix Agi Bug BK,MG,SM, ELF.
- MasterSkillTreeS15 Terminado
- add PK LIMIT
- CustomMix
- CustomMonsterSkill
- Sistema AntiFlood Para Ataques pequeños
- PKFree en mapa por coordenada, Mapa NOPK + ZONA PK FREE
- Sistema de Advanced Complete 100%
- Sistema de SetAcc Custom 100%
- Nuevo Sistema de Comando /Readd
- Fix Interface ex700 Skill DL
- FIx Interface s2/99 Skill DL
- Fix Skill Dl Barra negra
- Fix DisableMuHelpert
- Fix Dragones en interfaces Downgrade
- Fix Barra SD y AG Downgrade
- Fix Textura Interface Downgrade
- Fix Visual Barra de exp Downgrade
- Fix Botones de CustomStore
- Se retira Dragones Dorados en Select Char
- marlon nuevo sistema de teleport









POR QUE LA SEGURIDAD DE TU PC TAMBIÉN ES IMPORTANTE boxing, hoy 8 DE MAYO del 2020 claves gratis Antivirus NOD32.



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Hola, buenas, espero esten bien, les traigo un aporte o un extra para lo que quieran usar esta configuracion de cajas y GM box, yo mismo las modifique, ya que hace un tiempo estaba buscando una ya completa, pero luego leí que practicamente regañaron a un user por pedir eso. Y si, es algo super facil, pero a veces es un poco fastidioso. Me tome el tiempo de hacer y el atrevimiento de subirlos, se que es mejor siempre que todos aprendan, pero como dije, yo buscaba mas porque da ladilla hacerlo jaja, pero listo se los dejo para quien los necesite. Estoy usando los files de MuEmu Season 6 Episodio 3 con update 13 de emulador louis sino mal recuerdo. Y perdonen si no estoy en la seccion adecuada es que es mi primera vez publicando.

Las Kundun estan distrituidas por partes.
K+1= Helm
K+2= Amor
K+3 = Pants
K+4 = Gloves
K+5= Boots
Pink, Green y Purple; Items Full Opcion + items S4 +5 socket.
GM Box= Todos los items Full Opcion+rings, pendants, alas.

Los items estan en orden y por raza.


Paginas: [1] 2 3 ... 10