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Hola amig@s de TSM, venimos a presentar nuestra versión gratuita a modo de demostración para probar nuestros archivos a fondo, todas las versiones están en constante desarrollo y estamos trabajando día a día para brindarles un servicio de calidad.

Versión: Season 3 Episode 1 KOR (1.04j)



on: January 13, 2020, 03:18:07 PM 2 MuOnline / MuCore / Template Rhino V1.0 MuCore 2.2.0

Hola gente de TSM, si bien el template se llama MEGA, le puse Rhino por las modificaciones.

  • Se agrego Rankings PK General
  • Se agrego Rankings Blood Castle
  • Se agrego Rankigs Devil Square
  • Se agregaron imagenes con enlaces directos
  • Se añadio enlaces en la parte de abajo
  • Se agrego el Castle Siegue en la parte de abajo
  • Se agrego el boton de instagram en la parte deabajo

Todo lo demás es estético sino me equivoco, luego aportare el nuevo template que estoy usando en el cual considero que es muchísimo mejor y mas trabajado.



on: January 10, 2020, 03:12:56 PM 3 MuOnline / Season6 / [ZX]Files Season6 Custom base muemu louis up13.

Files [ZX]Games "Base EMU louis up13"


Code: [Select]

//    UPDATE 2
-> Itens +15
-> Setvip Command.
-> Clear Inv.Command
-> Marry Command
-> Open ware Command
-> Change class Command
-> Change name Command
-> Reward Command
-> Info Command
-> Ban Char Command
-> Ban Acc Command
-> Open event Command
-> Cash Shop in-game
-> Online Lottery
-> Custom Moves
-> Custom Summon
-> Bot Buffer
-> Run and Cat event
-> Hide and seek event
-> Quickly event
-> HP Bonus System
-> Die Message System
-> Online User Message
-> Online GM Message
-> Desab. Exp Message
-> Desab. Skill flinch
-> /attack Use Time
-> Special Encryption
-> 100 Max Custom Wings
-> 3000 Custom Static Effect
-> 3000 Custom Dynamic Effect

//    UPDATE 3

-> MakeSet command
-> Drop command
-> Gift command
-> Top command
-> Remove OffSystem in Lottery
-> CustomQuest System
-> Russian Roullet event
-> King of Mu event (update)
-> /store Use time
-> Reward BC with WC,WP,GP
-> Reward DS with WC,WP,GP
-> Reward CC with WC,WP,GP
-> Marry command only for gm opt.
-> Desab.Wing Mix(RF,DL,SU) opt.

//    UPDATE 4

-> Remov.Class(dl,su,rf)
-> Custom Quiz event
-> Need Ticket to change name
-> Custom WingMix(Chaos goblin)
-> Custom Death Message
-> Custom Npc Colector
-> Readd command (stats)
-> Make command improved
-> Custom Rank User
-> Desab.Hp Bar Mosnter/Char
-> JoinServer Anti-dupe
-> Allow Pk enter in BC,DS,CC

//    UPDATE 5

-> GameServer new interface
-> Close MessageBox in JS DS
-> Russian Roullet event (v2)
-> Run and Catch (v2)
-> CusttomAttack Skill Delay
-> CusttomAttack Potion Delay
-> CusttomAttack Auto Buff
-> CusttomAttack Allow on/off
-> CusttomAttack Skill change
-> CusttomAttack by map
-> Pick Command
-> Pk Item Drop System
-> Auto logout online account
-> Fix Move kalima 6 to 7

//    UPDATE 6

-> Event Time in GS
-> Start BC in GS
-> Start DS in GS
-> Start CC in GS
-> Start IT in GS
-> BC Ranking Procedure
-> DS Ranking Procedure
-> CC Ranking Procedure
-> IT Ranking Procedure
-> Custom Combo Skill(All Class)
-> Allow CS Skills use
-> BuyVip IN-GAME
-> Custom Ranking IN-GAME
-> Remaster command
-> Helper command
-> Startbc command
-> Startds command
-> Startcc command
-> Startit command
-> Released 9 new mapas custom
-> Released 10 new bows and crossbow
-> Disable Reflect effect Option
-> Auto Run and catch reward
-> Auto Hide and seek reward
-> Auto Russian roullet reward
-> Auto Quickly reward
-> Auto Lottery reward
-> Fix Set item drop in eventitembag

//    UPDATE 7

-> Print Screen + logo
-> RankUser by MasterReset, Reset or Level
-> Description command
-> New Command.txt structure
-> Need coin to use a command option
-> DisablePVP command
-> Lock/Unlock command
-> Fix Active MuHelper + CustomAttack at same time
-> Fix duel message level
-> Fix dead gates in custom maps
-> Fix Start Events crash
-> EventTime improvements
-> Pick command improvements

//    UPDATE 8

-> Moveall command
-> Moveguild command
-> EventTime window
-> Commands windows
-> PvP Event(x1)
-> KillAll Event
-> Custom menu
-> BuyVip - Add vip types qtd
-> Add triple shot skill in /attack
-> Fix DarkSpirit Attack in offpvp
-> Gs event time update

//    UPDATE 9

-> Common Shop with Socket/Ancient Options
-> Advanced ZenDrop System
-> Command /SetCoin
-> Command /Pack jewel
-> Command /spot
-> Command /startquiz
-> Command /startdrop
-> Command /startking
-> Command /startvt
-> Custom Sell/Buy Value in Common Shop
-> Bloc words in change name
-> Add MasterReset required in CustomMove
-> Add New Dl/Elf Skills in /Attack
-> CustomCombo improvements
-> Team vs team Event
-> Removed RankUser in Chaos Castle
-> Removed disabled events in EventTime
-> Fix Kriss lag
-> Fix HpBonus Descrease life
-> Fix RankUser Reward
-> Fix Reload Event time

//    UPDATE 10

-> Add Fog effect
-> Add Smoke effect
-> Custom disable effects
-> New MiniMap
-> Fix Kalima + OffPvp
-> Fix Store with time
-> Fix Pack Jewels
-> Fix visual skills in attack
-> Fix Repair All in BlackSmith
-> Fix DarkSpirit in Offpvp

//    UPDATE 11

-> Add infinity arrow auto buff
-> Add /attack auto resume
-> Add Tvt Event Min/Max Users
-> Add command notice if need coin to use
-> Add Expire Date/Message in /banacc command
-> Add Expire Date/Message in /banchar command
-> Add auto remove ban
-> Disable MiniMap with TAB
-> Guild Warehouse
-> Custom Monster/NPC
-> Custom NPC name
-> Custom Shops with same NPC
-> Fix trade events with /re off
-> Fix full zen bug trade+command
-> Fix Gameserver maximize layout
-> Fix PvP Event Respaw

//    UPDATE 12

-> Custom NPC move
-> Custom Npc Command
-> CustomCommandInfo V2
-> Custom RankUser OverHead
-> Custom Party Icon
-> Trade Value
-> Party Disable PK
-> Anti SpeedHack Skill System
-> Shop Confirm Box
-> Update TvtEvent new requistes
-> Add Auto Heal Skill in /Attack
-> Add Global Password System
-> Option to show Rankuser in all place
-> Option to Hide Reset in Rankuser
-> Option to Hide MReset in Rankuser
-> Option to Change MReset name in Rankuser
-> Disable Party HpBar option
-> Increase CustomShops to 100
-> Fixes in custom buy vip windows

//    UPDATE 13

-> GS and GSCS new interface
-> MasterReset remove fixed resets
-> Command Start Invasion
-> Command Start Custom Arena
-> Custom Quest Command (v2)
-> Custom EventTime (v2)
-> Custom Npc Quest
-> Custom Npc Name up to 100
-> Custom Pick (v2)
-> Custom Pick Excelent
-> Custom Pick SetItem
-> Custom Pick Socket
-> Enable Lucky item trade
-> Disable Duel Restore HP
-> Disable Duel Restore SD
-> Require Reset/MResets to Server enter
-> Add Reset/MasterReset Requisite on Create Character
-> Fixes in MapServerMove
-> Other fixes


-> Fix Dup ChaosMachine Helper.
-> Fix Dup Zen Trade + Repair and Others.
-> Fix Pk dropitem only PK character.
-> Fix Custom Monster.
-> Add CustomBow RF.
-> Add CustomGloves RF.
-> Add CustomPets Muun.
-> Add Custom PanelUser.
-> Add New System HpBar.
-> Fix Change Exp in pet panda and skeleton.
-> Add Support 100 Set Acc.
-> Add 10 slot for Plugins.
-> Add 2 slot for Only Crc.


-> Add RespawnLocation for all map.
-> Add option to create your own mix in chaosmachine.
-> Add New system OffMode.
-> Add Option For Helper + Inventory.
-> Add Custom Panel Ware.
-> Add Custom Panel Change Class.
-> Add New Top Ranking In game.
-> Add Bot Alquimista.
-> Add welcome gift system, (Automatic or Npc).
-> Fix Ctrl Lag.


-> Add system to disable menu buttons.
-> Add welcome message in the client.
-> Add Change Set to Npc.
-> Add view party in minimap.
-> Add Custom fenrir only 4+.
-> Add System Titles + Bonus ( Exp, Drop, Hp, MP).
-> Add Option for Rank PkCount.
-> Disable CustomInfo Character.
-> Add PostItem.
-> Add System Change Font.
-> Add Support to 25 Character For Account.


-> Add Smithy Shop.
-> Add rock paper or scissors (betting items).
-> Add party search.
-> Add new IP connection verification system.
-> Add ModelEffects (Effects in Sets).
-> Add Advanced Stat.
-> Add betting duels system. (duelos con apuestas).
-> Add Chat Expanded.
-> Add Custom Panel Change Resets for Wcoins.
-> StaticEffect up to 5000.
-> DinamycEffect up to 5000.
-> Remove Creation MuError.log.


-> Add disabled SD (server side).
-> Add downgrade system part by part.
-> Add Interface 97D, s3, s6, s8, MuLegend, Custom.
-> Add Change Copyriht in Config.
-> Add option to move itemlucky.
-> Add option to disable Buffs icons.
-> Add option to disable Effect +15.
-> Add option to change text color when obtaining a Item, zen, change map, screen.
-> Add option to Change selectcharacter.
-> Add small antihack with more than 1600 cheats.
-> Add Effect Invasion Dragon.


-> Add Camera in main.dll.
-> Add system Monster Call for item.
-> Add system to show user responses CustomQuiz.
-> Add option to disable advancedstat. (Custom.dat).
-> Add option to disable DragonFlying. (Custom.dat).
-> Summon scroll enabled for season 6.

NOTA: leer el changelog ya que en las imagenes no se encuentran todas las funciones..

Server Files Full unica limitacion a 100 user por GameServer.

- Los files seran publicados y actualizados en este tema.
 - Si existe algun reporte de problemas los files seran actualizados un dia a la semana.
 - Futuras actualizaciones custom etc, seran posteado en tiempo indefinido cuando sean realizadas.


Mas Imagenes:
Spoiler for Hiden:


update Main.dll:
Code: [Select]
- Fix en imagen de title blanca.
- Rutas originales Player y Item para Sets, Armas, RF Gloves, Wings, Jewels.
- Fix llamado y posicion de CustomGloves RF. Index para Claws --> 200 Al 250
- Se agrego nuevo archivo para Glow, y se modifico el customictem.txt y customgloves.txt

New update:

- Fix lag causado por glow.
- Se reestructuro el itemcustom.txt y CustomGloves.
- Se elimino el limite de los Gloves RF, ahora pueden ser colocado en el index que deseen.
- Se añadio TrayMode F12.



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hola amigos les comparto los files de louis con Custom Pet , Custom Gloves , Custom Bow , PostItem Custom Interface s2/s3  (ex700 en un 70%




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Les dejo una dll que de a poco iré actualizando..

La idea es tener todas los efectos originales de las nuevas versiones pero para el S6.. Como en este caso las Blessed del Season 11 igual de a poco iré añadiendo mas..

Actualizacion 28/10/2019
Actualizacion 25/11/2019
Soporte para animación en los items y en los bow
Actualizacion 14/01/2020
Actualizacion 22/01/2020
Se añadio soporte para S8 (1.05g)




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Buenas Gente de tsm en este caso les vengo a dejar la version personalizada de un Repack S6. Basado en los files S6 V13 + soporte a gloves de RF liberados de Louis Emulador


-Items x702 a s14 (Todas las season)
-Mapas nuevos season altas (8 maps)
-Monsters y boss season altas (Cada uno en su mapa respectivo)
-Evento propio (Sistema Evo s2) Version "Demonic"
-Evento propio (Sistema Evo s2) Version "Celestial"
-Evento propio (Sistema de Coin) -Gold-Silver-Bronce
-Evento propio (Protector del evento) (Devil -CC-Blod -Ilusion)
-Evento Custom Box (Celestials, electic, fire, control)
-Evento propio (Relic y divine)-(Armas en 3 formas especiales)-(Socket y 380)
-Pre-balance 65 k integrado (correjir resto a gusto)
-Todas las tool correspondientes (Editor de Spots -Shops -Coin - Titan editor - Editor bmd -  Editor Cashshop, y mas!)



Code: [Select]
1 - Configurar ip en: MuServer\ConnectServer\ServerList.dat
2 - Configurar ip en: MuServer\Data\MapServerInfo.dat
3 - Abrir puertos TCP : 44405 (CS) - 55901 (GS)- 55919  (GSCS)- 55999 (MHP).


Code: [Select]
1 - Descargar Pack de MAIN_INFO
2 - Configurar ip en : MAIN_INFO v13 - S6\MainInfo.ini
3 - Ejecutar: GetMainInfo.exe
4 - Copiar en (MAIN_INFO v13 - S6/Premium): main.premium  Y pegar en cliente
5 - Configurar ip en: MAIN_INFO v13 - S6\AH_INFO\ClientInfo.ini
6 - Ejecutar : GetAhInfo.exe
7 - Copiar en (MAIN_INFO v13 - S6/AH_INFO): ah.emu  Y pegar en cliente




pronto subimos todos los videos


-Soporte a Gloves de RF index 100 al 119 (Iniciando 100 -300 (L)  y 301(R)), revisar los agregados para seguir las numeraciones
-Es el limite de mapas que soporta, solo podran cambiar 1 por otro
-Los sistema exchanger son sistema de npcquest, desde su archivo custom deberan modificarlos (requisito-premio)

xTeam (MuEmu)
OCG Software


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Bueno aca les comparto este repack full con items, eventos, mobs, y demas que me paso un usuario para que puedan seguir armando para sus servers.


- Nuevos eventos
- Nuevas invasiones + Protectores de eventos
- Nuevos items [Sets versiones altas]
- Nuevos mapas [Mapas versiones altas normal y vips 8 en total]
- Nuevos sistema exchangers [Divine, relic y mas]
- Tools completa
- Editor completo
- Full customizaciones que pueden tomar para sus files o para montar su server.


Spoiler for Hiden:

Se ira subiendo mas configuraciones a medida que los usuarios me sigan pasando, estar atentos que esto es solo el comienzo..




X-Team (Base source)
Louis (Programacion)
Kapocha33 (Npcs, Monsters, Wings, Swords)
MyHeart (Mapas)
xBebo1994x (Interfaces)
unnamedsk1 (Efectos en algunas alas y armas)
Bruno3D (Worlds and mobs)


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on: August 16, 2019, 06:09:45 PM 13 MuOnline / Season6 / Muserver Season 6 Premium (Update 13) by louis

Hola amigos

Muserver Louis emulator premium Season 6 full.

Videos del update 9 ~13:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:
//ChangeLog MuEmu by louis
//Muserver Season 4,6,8

- Add CustomMove
- Add Rei do MU Event
- Fix CustomJewel in Main
- Active MHP

- Add HpBonus System
- Add Kill Message System
- Add MessageBox Yes/No on Close Gameserver
- Add MasterSkillTree Reset
- Fix Duel DC (s8)
- Fix Pentagram jewel(remove before put in ware) (s8)

MARCH 2017
- Fix Duel Trade (s8)
- Add Main Memory reduction
- Add Guard CustomMessage
- Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingDevilSquare
- Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingBloodCastle
- Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingChaos Castle
- Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingIllusionTemple
- Add Colunn WinScore_semanal in RankingDuel
- Add in DataServer update semanal colls

APRIL 2017
- Add BotBuffer System
- Add SD/HD bar in Character (S4/S6)
- Add Command Clear Inventory
- Active Encrypt in Client/Server.
- Fix Friend Message Title Inject (DataServer)

MAY 2017
- Add OpenWare Command
- Add SetVip Command
- Add Marry System
- Change HP/SD Bar Interface
- Fix BotBuffer Power
- Fix Store Dupe
- Fix Duel MinLevel

JUNE 2017
- Add Reload Command
- Add Reward Command
- Add ChangeClass Command
- Add OnlineLottery Event
- Add Disconnect User in GameServer Menu
- Add Start OnlineLoterry GameServer Menu
- Add OffStore and OffAttack count in GameServer Title Bar

- Add Itens Level +15 (Season 4)
- Add Info Command   
- Add Change Name Command
- Add BanAcc Command   
- Add BanChar Command   
- Add DynamicEffect in Main (S4/S6/S8)
- Add Max Use Time in Attack command
- Add Option to disable Online User/GM Message   
- Add Event Hide and Seek   
- Add Event Run and Catch   
- Add option to disable exp message on kill mob   
- Change MaxCustom Wings to 100
- Fix Money remove when use ResetTable system.
- Fix Socket jewel aplly in no socket item   
- Fix CustomEffect problems in Main.dll
- Fix remove BC,DS,IT invite
- Fix Skill elf on /attack
- Fix Clear Effects on change class   
- Fix /store bless Crash (Season 6)
- Add Custom Summon on Kill Mob   
- Evento Veloz   
- /openevent /join   
- Disable/Enable Skill Effect (Ex:Cyclone)   
- Add Custom exp on Offattack and Autoreset   

- Add MakeSet Command
- Add Drop Command
- Option to Remove Offstore/offattack in OnlineLottery   
- Jewel of socket Aply in pentagram (Season8)   
- ADD gift command   
- Add Custom Quest System   
- Add Russian Roulette Event   
- Add Max Use Time in Store command
- New King of Mu Event   
- Add Reward Coins in BC,DS,CC   
- add /toprr /topmr etc   
- Somente gm fazer o casamento   
- Disable Wing Mix Class   

- Remove Class in Main (RF,SU,DL)   
- Custom Auto Quiz Event   
- Need ticket to change name Option (S6/S8)   
- Custom WingMix (Chaos Mix)   
- Custom Death Message   
- Custom Npc Collector (trade items per Coins)   
- Readd point command   
- Advanced Make itens (/make, /drop, /makeset)   
- Custom Rank User System (S4,S6)   
- Disable HP Bar of Monster or User Option   
- Updated JoinServer to fix dupes   
- Allow Pk enter in events (BC,CC,DS)   

- New Gamserver Interface
- Message Box on Close JS, DS
- Option TimeToEnter in new events
- Show Duel Message (S4)
- Add Delay Option in Custtom Attack
- Add Delay to Use Potions in Custom Attack
- Add Auto buff em Custom Attack
- Attack command disable when set /attack again
- Add Custom Attack per Map
- Add Custom attack skill
- Add Auto Pick command
- PK drop
- On login disconnect online account
- Fix when kill Kundun in k6 move to k7
- Fix PcPoint Value (Season 4)

- Show time to start events in GS   
- Start Blood Castle Option in GS menu   
- Start Devil Square Option in GS menu   
- Start Chaos Castle Option in GS menu   
- Start Illu. Temple Option in GS menu   
- New Procedures WZ_RankingBloodCastle   
- New Procedures WZ_RankingDevildSquare   
- New Procedures WZ_RankingChaosCastle   
- New Procedures WZ_RankingIllusion Temple   
- Combo skills for all class   
- Enable Cs Skills in All Maps   
- Add shop to buy vip   
- Custom ranking in game   
- New command /remaster   
- New command /ajuda (help)   
- New command /startbc (help)   
- New command /startds (help)   
- New command /startcc (help)   
- New command /startit (help)   
- Released 10 custom maps   
- Released 10 custom bows/crossbows   
- Disable Reflect Effect   
- Auto reward run and catch event   
- Auto reward hide and seek event   
- Auto reward russian roulette event   
- Auto reward quickly event   
- Auto reward Online Lottery event   
- Fix Set item drop in event item bag   
- Fix Pc Point value 2 (S4)   
- Fix Put Custom Wings in Chaos machine(S6)   
- Fix RF skill Client Crash(S6)   

- Print screen with logo   
- RankUser by MasterReset or Reset   
- Command/description system   
- New Command.txt system   
- Require coins to use commands   
- New Command disablePVP
- New Command Lock/Unlock   
- Fix Active MuHelper + CustomAttack at same time
- Fix duel level message   
- Fix dead gates of custom mapas   
- Fix Start Events crash   
- Improvements events times   
- /pick best performace   
- Fix Open Multi-game lag

MARCH 2018
- New Command MoveAll   
- New Command MoveGuild   
- Event Time Window   
- Commands Window   
- New PvP Event(x1)   
- New Event KillAll   
- New Custom Menu   
- BuyVip - Add vip types qtd   
- Add triple shot skill in /attack   
- Fix DarkSpirit Attack in offpvp   
- Update in events time in GS   

MARCH 2018
- New Command MoveAll   
- New Command MoveGuild   
- Event Time Window   
- Commands Window   
- New PvP Event(x1)   
- New Event KillAll   
- New Custom Menu   
- BuyVip - Add vip types qtd   
- Add triple shot skill in /attack   
- Fix DarkSpirit Attack in offpvp   
- Update in events time in GS

APRIL 2018
- Common Shop with Socket/Ancient Options   
- Advanced ZenDrop System   
- PcPoint Shop with Socket/Ancient Options(S4)   
- Custom Store wich Cash/gold(S4)   
- New Command /SetCoin   
- New Command /Pack jewel   
- New Command /spot   
- New Command /startquiz
- New Command /startdrop
- New Command /startking
- New Command /startvt
- Custom Item Description(S4)   
- Custom Sell/Buy Value in Common Shop   
- Bloc word in change name   
- Add MasterReset required in CustomMove   
- Add New Dl/Elf Skills in /Attack   
- CustomCombo improvements   
- New Team vs team Event   
- Removed RankUser in Chaos Castle   
- Removed disabled events in EventTime
- Fix Kriss lag   OK
- Fix RankUser Reward   
- Fix HpBonus Descrease life   
- Fix Reload Event time   

MAY 2018
- Add Fog effect   
- Add Smoke effect   
- Custom disable effects   
- New MiniMap
- Fix Kalima + OffPvp
- Fix CommandDescription with %   
- Fix Store with time
- Fix Pack Jewels(S4)   
- Fix Conqueror wing glow(S8)   
- Fix Angel and Devil wing glow(S8)   
- Fix visual skills in attack   
- Fix Repair All in BlackSmith   
- Fix DarkSpirit in Offpvp   

JUNE 2018
- Add infinity arrow auto buff   
- Add /attack auto resume   
- Add Tvt Event Min/Max Users   
- Add command notice if need coin to use   
- Add Expire Date/Message in /banacc command   
- Add Expire Date/Message in /banchar command   
- Add auto remove ban   
- Disable MiniMap with TAB (S6)   
- Guild Warehouse   
- Custom Monster/NPC   
- Custom NPC name   
- Custom Shops with same NPC   
- Fix trade events with /re off   
- Fix full zen bug trade+command   
- Fix Gameserver maximize layout   
- Fix PvP Event Respaw   

JULY 2018
- Custom NPC move OK
- CustomCommandInfo (v2)   
- Custom RankUser OverHead   
- Custom Party Icon(s4/s6)
- Trade Value   
- Party Disable PK   
- New Anti SpeedHack Skill System   
- Update TvtEvent new requistes   
- Add Auto Heal Skill in /Attack   
- Add Global Password System   
- Option to show Rankuser in all places   
- Option to Hide Reset in Rankuser   
- Option to Hide MReset in Rankuser   
- Option to Change MReset name in Rankuser   
- Disable Party HpBar option   
- Increase CustomShops to 100   
- Fixes in custom buy vip windows   
- Others fixes   

- GS and GSCS new interface   
- MasterReset remove fixed resets   
- Command Start Invasion   
- Command Start Custom Arena   
- Custom Quest Command (v2)   
- Custom EventTime (v2)   
- Custom Npc Quest   
- Custom Npc Name up to 100   
- Custom Pick (v2)   
- Add Custom Pick Excelent   
- Add Custom Pick Socket   
- Add Custom Pick SetItem   
- Enable Lucky item trade   
- Disable Duel Restore HP   
- Disable Duel Restore SD   
- Require Reset/MResets to enter in room   
- Add Reset/MasterReset Requisite on Create Character
- Fixes in MapServerMove   
- Other fixes




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on: August 02, 2019, 11:12:48 PM 14 MuOnline / MuEMU / Cómo hookear Claws.dll (MueMu)

Buenas gente, en ésta ocasión les traigo esta guía que si bien es bastante sencilla hay personas que todavía no lo saben hacer y me tomé la molestia de hacer la guía de cómo hookear la dll para los puños de RF aportada por MaxVoll. Comencemos.

Aclaro que yo no soy un experto en este tema, sólo hago la guía de cómo lo hice. Obviamente me funcionó sin problemas, sino no estaría haciendo la guía.

Además realizo la guía porque un usuario me comentó que no sabía cómo hacerlo y bueno ya que la hice con imágenes y demás no está demás aportarla al foro. run

Instalada correctamente. Lista y funcional para su uso. run

Para realizar esta guía se utilizo los Files MueMu Season 6 Update 13

De paso les dejaré el Stud_PE que usé para realizar este procedimiento.


¡Sin más que decir, los dejo con un saludo y suerte!

on: July 25, 2019, 10:33:50 PM 15 MuOnline / 99x / 99.60T ORIGINAL WEBZEN

No sé como estan los files, he encuentrado en un sitio.
solo sé que el gameserver te tira error de M:/ (cosa creo que es facil arreglar con Ollydbg)
y el Dataserver te tira errores de los files (eso yo se que es sencillo fixear)

Por ahora te los traigo los files como los he encuentrado, voy a trabajar un poco en ellos a ver como esta.

El gameserver trae el pdb para los que quieran descompilarlo y trabajar en un plugin.

on: July 13, 2019, 12:07:51 PM 17 MuOnline / Swords / Skull Blade + Effects - Kapocha


Model echo por "Jason Wright"

on: July 11, 2019, 03:32:48 AM 18 MuOnline / Swords / Akrus Sword + Efects D-S by PIRELA

Bueno amigos aqui les dejo este pequeño diseño de sowrd la cual titule como "Akrus Sword" junto con sus respectivos efecctos dynamicos y estaticos, la verdad creo que pude aver echo un mejor trabajo con respecto a los efectos pero mas adelante si consigo un poquito de tiempo libre estare ajustandole y adactandole nuevos efectos a estas sword y posteriormente estare actualizando este post espero les sea de su agrado amigos :D

PD: Se realizan diseños de sword y wings , para mas información enviar al privado (MP)

Clave para los archivos:

on: June 30, 2019, 09:05:34 PM 20 MuOnline / Kits / Kit Love 2.0 - Kapocha

Solamente voy subir este Kit de los nuevos items de MuAway porque solamente fue para probar algo


Items: MuAway
Rip Model: Kapocha
Paginas: [1] 2 3 ... 18