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on: May 16, 2020, 10:18:14 PM 1 MuOnline / Herramientas / Facebook Auto Poster 6.9 Version Premium

Facebook Poster 6.9 Version Premium

Bueno chicos dejo este auto post premium lo uso desde julio del 2019 y funciona sin problemas  siguiendo varias reglas que deje ya la configuración mas abajo publicar en 50 o 100 grupos y luego esperar al rededor de 6 horas para volver a publicar entre 50 a 100 grupos y evitar el bloqueo temporal.

Funciones disponible de la versión premium: Creación de post con fotos - Creación de post con videos - Compartir publicación creada en fanpage


Configuracion Anti Bloqueos

Vídeo Muestra Compartir una Publicación creada en la FanPage



on: May 08, 2020, 07:04:44 PM 2 MuOnline / WebEngine / Dragons_template



quieren darle un vistazo al template antes de usarlo visiten:

We provide server files of Season 6 Episode 3

New era server files with possibility to downgrade this server files into any Season you like.
Disable Summoner and Ragefighter with ease. Everything configurable by administrators of servers.

Server files based on X-Team Server Files

Server information:

The ability to exclude from gameplay, characters, Summoner & Rage Fighter. The ability to tailor a server running the old version by disabling a new feature in the 6th season. On our Season you can easily make new Chaos Goblin Mixes, Custom Invasions, easily add new Custom Monsters and Worlds. There's alot of things you can't gain in free or any other server-files.
Our game-client got unique and great addons like: high resolution support, anti-alsing mode, bloom effect as TronGlow, additional User-Panel in which you can easily manage what need to be turned on or off, Fog mode (field of distance), additional in-game timer, item smoke (effects) systems and effects system configurable by your own for weapons, shields and new and old wings and more!

Dynamic system of gaining experience;
You can easily setup and dynamic experiance for each level, reset and more. Here's some example what actually you can make on your own game-server:
0 - 5 rr = 9000 experiance gained
6-10 rr = 5000 experiance gained
11-15 rr = 1000 experiance gained
16-20 rr = 200 experiance gained
21-30 rr = 20 experiance gained

Welcome players system;
Offline leveling is the ability to pump your character in offline mode;
You can set-up you character into offline mode. Character in offline mode will be grinding even if your PC if turned off. There's setting file in which you can set-up the payments for /offexp or even which items /offexp should pick-up from the ground. OffEXP is new generation module which will allow alot of players to play while they're in job or school.

Offline trade - an opportunity to trade offline.
With new custom UI you can easily open new custom stores (with new values like: Bless, Soul, Life or even special points)

ReConnect System (reconnect if disconnected);
Fully working reconnect system will allow you to join after server restarts or even on WiFi disconnection, no matter of customs or configuration.'

Buff Info System;
MUOnline is advanced, for now, when you buy this brand fresh package you'll have access to new Buff Information System which will show all Bufs made on you'r character, even class, event ot premium buffs!

Simple Quest System;
With new NPC you can easily, via configuration file add new Quests obtainable step by step by your character. Setup your own quests, quanity of mobs and your own story with easy and understandable configuration file.

Unique Modules:

The ability to add monsters to the server (NPCs, Monsters, Boss);
The ability to add new Worlds - from higher Seasons like X, XII, XIV
The ability to allocate bosses unique color of HP bar;
The ability to add new Weapons and Armors,
The ability to add new effects to old and custom weapons, wings or sets,
The ability to setup weapons position - like Crossbow, Magic Gladiator Blades, etc.
The ability to add new Rage-Fighter Gauntlets,
The ability to add new Pets and Companions,
The ability to add the effect of smoke on the sets;
Event Drop (drop stones, things, at certain times at any location);
Zen Drop (flexible drop Zen on the locations)

New HP bars for monsters and players:

Bar is showing player level;
Information about amoung of health-points

Full name of Monster;
Monster level (very useful for monsters configuration);
Information about amoung of health-points

Ability to select a certain mob a certain color of HP bar, inscription (for example, invasion and custom monsters can have different bar color to make it look unique).
You can set-up different color for Bosses, and other for Invasions or special monsters - these addon can be used with normal mobs, not only with these custom added.
The HP bar will change color depending on the amount of HP.

In-game Quests and events:

Quests and Events are bugless up to Season 6, you can easily Set-up original Events and make your own with our customizable and unique config. Add different mobs, colors, groups and custom invasions to make your server unique.

Imperial Fort Event
Double Goer (Doppelganger)
Castle Siege
Loren Deep
Devil Square (1-7)
Blood Castle (1-8)
Chaos Castle (1-7)
Illusion Temple Event
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
Rabbits Invasion
Pouch of Blessing Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Battle Soccer
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaColen Event
And the possibility to add own events and invasions

Working special Events:

Santa Village Event
Halloween Event
New Year Day Event
And the possibility to add own events and invasions

Lottery Events:

Lucky Coin
Lucky Items System
Rena Event
Chaos Card
Moss The Gambler
And so on to configure your own coins and rewards

Box and special events:

Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink)
Heart of Love
Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue)
Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red)
Golden and Silver Medals
Start of Sacred Rebirth
GM Box
Cherry Blossom (Gold)
Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes
And the possibility to add own boxes and rewards

The ability to add own Custom Boxes. You can easily set new EvenItemBag. You can add new models and tranform it into special boxes, there's no limit. With clear and easy config files everyone can make it by own!
Side Features:

Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
Loren Market Location
Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
Original Mini Maps
Gens System with Gens Chat Support
Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
Full completed skill tree for all races
Fruits System
Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
Mu Helper BOT System
Marry System
Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80
And so on..

Unique User panel:

News (News in the game);
You can write news which will be shown in-game

Vote (Vote in the game);
You can add Toplists into game. This will force players to vote on your server.

HP Bar (On / Off);
Easily turn on or off HP Bar in-game, there's no need to change config file.

3D Camera (On / Off);
3D Camera (Down to camera settings);
Easily manage your 3D Camera in-game.

Effects (On / Off Effects);
Turn on or disable all effects in-game like TronGlow, AA, Bloom etc.

Fog (On / Off Effects fog);
Turn on or disable fog in-game.

Time (On / Off);
You can manage your timer easily.

Reset Master (To do reset in the game);
Grand Reset Master (Make a Grand Reset in the game);
PK Clear (Cleaning murder);
Change Class;
OffExp (Offline leveling);
OffTrade (Selling things offline for Credits, WCoinC, WCoinP, GoblinPoints);
Buy Vip (Buying a VIP account in the game);
Pack New Jewels (Packaging new Jewels in packs of 10, 20, 30 stacks).

Three types of Premium system (VIP Account):

Increases Experience;
Enhances the Experience of Master LVL;
Increases The Drop;
You can adjust the drop of Zen;
You can set the number of LVL will be needed to reset;
You can set the number of Zen which will need to reset;
You can set up to what LVL will give Elf buffer;
Adjust Max stats;
Character creation what LVL it is (MG, DL, Sum, RF);
Rewarded with Goblin Points, WCoinC, WCoinP, Credits for time in the game;
Setting sharpening Jewels (Soul, Life, Harmony);
Setting sharpening in Chaos machine;

Buying donate items/sets for loans, and to sell to the store with a loss of interest;
Setup list of all the things, options, prices.
New Jewels added:

Jewel Of Level
Jewel Of Luck
Jewel Of Skill
Jewel Of Option
Jewel Of Ancient
Jewel Of Excellent
Jewel Of Socket

There's possibility to add your own Jewels. Flexible config file allow you to make more powerfull and unique Jewels in MUOnline world. Decide by own what option Jewel need to change. Want to have extra Jewel which will make item Ancient, Full Option and Sockets? No problem!
LTP Game-Client:
3D Camera;
The game clock;
Chat separately from experience;
The glow effect on cards;

Support wide-format resolution;

Distance display objects;
Trey fashion information when you minimize the client;

Normal chat (who is within sight);
Private chat;
Post chat;
Party chat;
Guild chat;
Alliance chat;
Information on the achievement of the 400-level;

Fixed all visual bugs with display of values above 65535;
Fixed attack speed on all the article;
Smoothing textures;
The fog in the game;
The exclusive bar of the character to work with new modules.
Anti-cheat System
Revised anti-cheat system will allow you to add your own dump's of dangerous and hacking software. Anti-cheat system is server sided so everyone who's connected to MHP (anti-cheat) can enter the game-server (into game), if MHP will kick some player because of speedhack or other hacking software, the player will not enter via game-server.
You can set your own speed-limits, MHP is flexible for every server with every rates, no matter how much resets or stats points you'll give to max-out the top players.

And more Custom Premium Module :D


License Register:
Make Your License Here

I do not recommend buying an original license
Creative is a lazy Russian who has everything and everyone in the ass.
He treats every customer differently
Technical support is practically non-existent
Updates take place once a year or not at all

Good files on the server a lot of possibilities but when if only for free!!!

LTP-Team (Creative)
by crack: Evilek


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on: April 19, 2020, 08:26:04 PM 5 MuOnline / WebEngine / NewOne_Template

Les comparto con un template modificado por mi pata mi server
Modificacion de ubicacion del logo y tamaño en el 2do link solo reemplacen el archivo style

Spoiler for Hiden:
el template original no es mio asi que creditos a Kinstinct


Link de Descarga actualizado

¿Que tal Gente?, Aca les traigo la Template Battle of Lorencia, antes aportada, pero con el Fix del Fondo Animado, Espero les pueda servidir de algo.




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on: February 03, 2020, 08:20:40 PM 8 MuOnline / DmNCMS / [DMNCMS] Template NewNew

Hola, encontré este template en internet y esta aquí para ustedes, totalmente funcional para DMN 1.1.8, la probé y funciona sin problemas

Como instalar?

1. Extraer los archivos de "assets" en el directorio principal > assets
2. Extraer los archivos de "views" En el directorio >Application/views

Link de Descarga:


cMuServices (recoded to dmn) (theme newnew)
CAMARAS les comparto una edición y adaptación de la template de s3.argmu hace tiempo quería adaptarla y editarla, pero alguien mas subió una versión de esa template, bueno ahora les comparto mi versión + modulos adaptados de la misma template






el archivo se llama: SELECT_CHARACTER.PHP


EDITADO:  love

Parche Dispositivos movil


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on: January 10, 2020, 05:34:59 AM 10 Diseño grafico / Diseño Grafico / Fuente Para Diseño

Esta Es La Fuente ( Para Que Quede Igual O Similar Usar Estilo ) O Descargar

Link :

on: January 09, 2020, 08:21:42 AM 11 MuOnline / WebEngine / Template "Battle of Lorencia" Webengine

Les dejo un aporte, al que le cabe le cabe.

  ------------------- TEMPLATE LORENCIA ------------------

-------------------- VIDEO MP4 MOVIMIENTO --------------

Disfruten! ♥


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on: December 16, 2019, 03:05:42 PM 12 MuOnline / Launcher / Launcher Premium Final Released Completely Free

Launcher Premium Final Released Completely Free

compatible for the ANetwork and More Files

Premium Edition

This topic will be open, if you want to create and share your new interfaces you can comment and send a viewing image and the download link.
and soon the subject will be added to the main theme, thank you very much I hope you enjoy it.

Template 1

Template 2

Descargas: pulsa el boton gracias para ver el enlace

Keygen :

Launcher Premium :

Launcher_Premium_interface1 :

Launcher_Premium_interface2 :

Pass: ANetworkMu

VideoGuia Step by Step:



Spoiler for Hiden:
1. Auto Update
2. Check File MD5 CheckSum [Premium]
3. Edit main.exe IP
4. Web Browser
5. Option Button
6. Edit main.exe Serial
7. Edit main.exe Version
8. Web Button
9. Forum button
10.Boton Reception
11. Camviada resolution
12. Added new interface
13. Added new menu screen expansion
14. Added Online Server Detector [Premium]
15.Add Detector Online Start If the server is off, the start is deactivated [Premium]
16. Added port camviador for Detector [Premium]
17. Fixed Problematic Download Update Double
18. Fixed Function MD5 CheckSum [Premium]
19. Fixed Double Main Execution When Using More Than 2 Checksum [Premium]
20. Encryption MD5 [Premium]

New Update
Fix Offline Offline NO Network
Add Enable WebBlowser
Add x, y, width, height Logo
Add BarProgress Fix
Add BarProgressComplet Fix
Add ScreenLoading Custom


on: December 03, 2019, 05:17:33 PM 13 MuOnline / Herramientas / OGC-Coins Editor V1.0.0 By OGC-SOFT

Hola amigos, le traemos la ultima herramienta creada por nuestro equipo
para la edición de todas las monedas virtuales del servidor, ya sea WCoin( C ),WCoin( P ), GlobinPoint, PCPoint, VIPMoney
completamente configurables lo que lo hace compatible con todos los serverfiles y versiones que existen.

Windows XP 32 Bits + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008
Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008
Windows 7 + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008
Windows 8 + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008
Windows 10 + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008
Windows Server 2016 + SQL 2000 SQL 2005 SQL 2008

Puedes usarlo por conexión Local o bien conexión remota

Configuraciones del archivo OGC-CoinsEditor.ini

Code: [Select]
Puerto = 1433 <-- PUERTO DEL SQLSERVER
Contrase = 123456789Cambiar <-- CONTRASEÑA DEL SQLSERVER

//Info Cuentas y VIPMoney Default MEMB_INFO
TablaCuenta = MEMB_INFO
CuentaColumn = memb___id

//Opciones VIPMoney
EditorVIPMoney = true  <-- TRUE = Habilita la edición de la moneda virtual VIPMoney, FALSE = Quita la opción de edición
VIPMoney = VIPMoney <-- Nombre de la Columna donde se almacena las monedas

//Info Coin del Cashshop, Default CashShopData
TablaDB = CashShopData
WCoinColumn = WCoinC
WCoinPColumn = WCoinP
WCoinGColumn = GoblinPoint

//Info PCPoint, Default Character
EditorPCPoint = true <-- TRUE = Habilita la edición de la moneda virtual PCPoint, FALSE = Quita la opción de edición
TablaChar = Character <-- Nombre de la Tabla donde se almacena las monedas
PCPoint = PCPoint <-- Nombre de la Columna donde se almacena las monedas

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Creditos: OGC-Soft

on: November 18, 2019, 11:13:18 PM 14 MuOnline / Herramientas / Balance PVP MuEMU Season6

Buenos Les quiero compartir mi balance PVP Muemu Season 6, stat 65k

El balance lo modifique a mi gusto con y sin stocket, trate de balancear todas las razas para que realmente entre todas las razas se logren matar.
Nada de personajes inmortales.

Pueden Probar con esta configuración, si les acomoda a su servidor, pero la verdad que el tema de balanceo depende de cada uno y testear a la forma que te guste a ti


PD: es el primer aporte, espero que esta sea esta la sección que corresponde compartir este balance, si no es así pido algún mod mover a la sección correspondiente


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on: November 15, 2019, 05:48:22 PM 15 MuOnline / Herramientas / Dump.list MHP - Actualizada +700 cheats

Hola gente vi este dump actualizado con mas de 700 cheats y pues vengo a traerlo para los que quieran testear puedan hacerlo sin problemas


Bloquea mas de 700 cheats


Pegar dentro de la carpeta:


Spoiler for Hiden:
BlackBox v1 Cheats Season 6 Epi
Razer Macros
[Cheat SkyDark] By DarkTerro.ex
ßY ÐAR†ERR0 - AC   AP.exe



Weberson (GamesWTeam)


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Hola amigos debido a que varios me han pedido esta guia y en el foro esta pero en otro idioma aca les hago conocer una guia super completa y en español para los que deseen agregar sus propios items acc customs




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on: October 26, 2019, 07:40:47 PM 17 MuOnline / Interface / Pack Loading

Powered by @bruno68 or Bruno3D!

Senha: Bruno3D | Password: Bruno3D | Contraseña: Bruno3D


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on: October 17, 2019, 06:22:22 PM 18 MuOnline / WebEngine / Template Skybow [Web Engine 1.2.0]

Pass :



on: October 14, 2019, 02:44:53 PM 19 MuOnline / Software's / Anti DDoS Guardian 5.0 Ultima versión

Les aporto esta versión completamente gratuita sin la necesidad de ningún crack, en la carpeta llamada "Licencia" encontrarás un archivo que se moverá en la raíz de la instalación

Si tiene problemas con los bloques aleatorios de cualquier dirección IP, dejo una carpeta llamada Guía donde encontrará la configuración que debe aplicarse al software.


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