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Name Server: MuOnline.RomaniaGaming
Origin Server: Romania
Version: Premium Season 6 Full
Bonus extra exp in BC Event VIP + 500x
Bonus extra exp in DS Event VIP + 200x
Big spots
Reset level: 400
Stats: No Clear
Grand reset from: 80 resets
After grand reset: stats and resets clear
Grand Reset Reward: 1.000 Credits 
Master GReset Reward For Grand Resets: 10.000 Credits
Master GReset Req. Grand Resets: 10 GReset
Balanced Character Classes,
Balanced PVP and PVM,
Balanced Party Experience

Experience: 300x
Experience VIP: 500x
Drop: 30%
Drop VIP: 50%

Golden Invasion
Blood Castle.
Devil Square.
Chaos Castle.
Kanturu Events.
Castle Siegue

WebSite: MuOnline.RomaniaGaming.Ro
Forum: RomaniaGaming Community
Download Client: MuOnline.RomaniaGaming.Ro
Register: MuOnline.RomaniaGaming.Ro


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